BUH-leet-ing Verb

Buhleting is the ancient art of Deleting something with an Ultra-Click. This renders the item Buhleted, and thusly destroyed forever.


The First Buhletion

The first Buhletion was performed by Homestar Runner, known Semi-God, who was exprimenting with different ways of destroying heathen e-mail writers. The e-mail was Buhleted, and soon after, the writer of the e-mail's mind spontaneously melted in a display worth a YouTube entry.

It spreads

Soon after that, Buletion traveled west from Georgia, hitting the Pacific Ocean and moving across it to South Pacific. From there it fanned out, reaching across to Europe. However, due to technical difficulties, it was unable to reach in to Africa much. It moved around the world, this time running smack-dab in to Canada and sinking a considerable amount of Newfoundland. Finally it reached South America, though not without running in to trouble by crossing its own path. Through it all, it stayed quite subtle, moving across these countries via the select few, much like a Carrot Top

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