Shirda Riders of Babylon Builds is an attempt to save the data from prior to their wipe/storage of the builds on that site. These builds are divided into subcategories for your convenience. Below, you can find an overview of all the categories, and descriptions of the builds they contain.

New build submissions
  • Build stubs – new builds that need to be reviewed, improved, and categorized before they are tested. You can help!
PvP builds
Build Type Untested Tested
Alliance Battles AB AB
Competitive Missions CM CM
Guild vs Guild GvG GvG
Heroes Ascent HA HA
Hero Battles HB HB
Random Arenas RA RA
Team Arenas TA TA
Teams Team Team
All PvP builds All PvP All PvP
PvE builds
Build Type Untested Tested
General General General
Farming Farming Farming
Running Running Running
Hero Hero Hero
Teams Team Team
All PvE builds All PvE All PvE
Miscellaneous builds
  • Premade builds – pre-made, ready-to-play PvP builds available in the create-character menu.
  • Archived builds – builds that were previously favored but have fallen out of grace, either due to inefficiency or nerfs.
  • Unfavored builds – builds that did not successfully pass the vetting process. Review these builds to see what will not be approved by the community.
Builds by campaign
Writing your own build
  • Build vetting procedure – Outlines the process of build submission and evaluation.
  • Style and formatting – Guidelines to follow when writing your own build. Simply copy the syntax and fill in the information.
  • Recycling – Before you start writing, look through the Unfavored builds to see if you can rework one of a similar concept to the build you wish to submit.
  • Build Writing 101 – This guide will help ensure your build is well-written, viable and meets the standards and expectations of GuildWiki.

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