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  • Jackson The Front Loader
  • Eddie The Excavator
  • Holly The Steam Roller
  • Jacey The Large Excavator
  • Dumper The Dump Truck
  • Amy The Mobile Crane
  • Chuck The Bulldozer
  • Old David The Steam Shovel
  • Emily The Vintage Lorry
  • Melissa The Vintage Flatbed Lorry
  • Bobby The Cement Mixer
  • Henry The Ballast Tractor
  • Gordon The Funny Excavator
  • Alfie The Paver
  • Jack The Earth Scraper
  • Gerald The Grader
  • Skatty The Skid Steer
  • Rody The Roller
  • Harry The 4 Wheel Roller
  • Bertie The Bachoe Loader
  • Elvis The Excavator Crane
  • Foda The Digger Dumper
  • Helga The Front End Tigger Lorry
  • Sue The Forklift
  • Godda The Bucket Wheel Loader
  • Fronda The Dinosaur Muncher Excavator
  • Sally The Mini Mixer
  • Gondo The Compact Excavator
  • Milky The Tow Truck
  • Brush The Street Sweeper
  • John The Skip Lorry
  • Tina The Snow Excavator
  • Haro The Lawn Aeroter
  • Mini The Mini Bachoe
  • Drill The Driller Vehicle
  • Diggy The Driller Excavator
  • Big Rig The Delivery Truck
  • Grando The Wheel Excavator
  • Rosie The Robot Digger
  • Kerry The Loadell
  • Fred The Fastrac
  • Maxine The DieselMax
  • Hodi The Transporter (Tank Lorry)
  • Hanja The Semitrailer
  • Hondona The Garbage Truck
  • Kondra The Tall Crane
  • Gody The Nightlight Truck
  • Jason the Jumper Truck
  • Thomas The Cherry Picker
  • Honjo The Flatbed Lorry
  • Nado The Front End Loader
  • Uda The Udtility Vehicle
  • Honji The Silly Mobile Crane
  • Brobo The Larger Excavator
  • Kono The Quarry Machine

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