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Builders Fantasy is a game made on a system of gaming programs called BYOND, short for Build Your Own Net Dream. BYOND is being developed by Dan and Tom, which are the company Dantom. The latest stable version is BYOND 3.5 Version 354. BYOND consists of 3 programs. Dream Maker, which is the program for Building Your Own Net Dream. It includes a code editor, icon/animated icon editor, map editor, a compiler, and facilities for packaging your game for release. Dream Daemon is the program which you can use to host games, using your computer as the server. Testing and simple hosting needs can be done through Dream Seeker. Dream Seeker, finally, is the program which people can connect to a game, which they would have most likely found by going to the BYOND Hub, and play a game. Dream Seeker is capable of sound, graphics, text, and an HTML Browser.

Builders Fantasy is a game in which you can build your own house, make a store, own a bakery, and all of this with no cost to start playing! Grow fruits and vegetables, buy chickens and sell eggs! Get better hammers to build different stuff! Buy punching bags to train extra fast! Get a fishing rod to catch those fish and sell them, or eat them! You can do a large amount of things in this game.

Authorative Characters

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