This page will explain building in Akami with detail.


Building can be used to make furniture and houses for you to live in or use, or to be sold to others.


Building needs 2 basic things.

  • Wood
  • Metal


In Akami, there are many types of usable wood. This wood can be of three different types:

  • Wood
  • Toughened wood
  • Structured wood


Plain wood is a balance of defending and structuring. It is also one of the most common types of wood. Plain wood is ideal for personal housing and furniture.

Toughened Wood

Toughened wood is focused on a defensive structure. While it is the most durable of woods, it attributes the least amount of structure points to the piece. It is ideal for non-raiding guild houses.

Structured Wood

Structured wood is focused on a sturdy house. While it attributes the most structure points to the piece, it is the least durable of all the types. It is ideal for raiding guild houses.


In Akami, there are various types of metals that can be crafted into rods. These rods attribute some structure and durability to the piece, and are needed for any joints in the structure.


Housing has the additions aspect to add in.


Any house can be without additions, though they certainly do help. There are three types of additions.

  • Structural
  • Defensive
  • Offensive


Structural additions are additions that fill space and add to the sturdiness of the house.


Defensive additions are additions that prevent unwelcome guests from making it to your house, like motes and archery turrets.


Offensive additions are additions that allow you to attack enemy houses from afar, like catapults and ballistas.


Furniture is not without its own additions.


Any piece of furniture can go without additions, though they can add features to the piece.

  • Gilt work
  • Hidden compartments

Gilt Work

Gilt work uses metals found to get wedged into carved crevices into the wood.

Hidden Compartments

Hidden compartments use extra wood to add in special, unseen storage areas that allow you to hide things that you don't want others to see and maybe steal.


Building is beneficial in that it allows you to create your own living space. It also is fairly customizable.


Building's cons are that it requires a lot of resources. It also can be fairly time consuming.

Benefits of Professing

Professing in this skill means that you can create more types of furniture and that you have more house templates available.

Criteria of Suggesting a Crafting System

In order for your idea for how to build in Akami to be considered, it must at LEAST meet this criteria.

  • It must involve putting together the pieces of the home together in the right spots.
  • It must involve some type of building progress display.
  • It must involve accurate measuring of the various parts.

Other ways to improve your chances of your idea being accepted include:

  • Required avoiding of various construction site hazards.
  • A playable prototype.
  • Group play possibility.

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