INFO: Builtmore is the largest city in Riverside County, Douglas Island. It is the center in the Builtmore Metropolitan statistical area.

To the west of Builtmore is the Pacific Ocean. To the north is forested land and the Builtmore City Airport, while to the west is suburb, Morenoville. To the south is suburb, Caprice and the Moreno River.

HISTORY: Builtmore was originally settled as a suburban community along the northern banks of the Moreno River. It was a small community east of Morenoville, which at the time was the head community. During Morenoville's economic depression, Builtmore expanded to more then a suburban community. It planned out a downtown north of the old townsite, for more room, and built a downtown. Old Builtmore is now the center of the city of Caprice. Builtmore's city limits moved north, and expanded in every direction, and business exploded. This caused even more depression for Morenoville as Builtmore surpassed it as the population center of the east coast. Builtmore attracted many high tech companies and because of this, became one of the most affluent cities on Douglas Island.

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