Note to SINA Administrators: January 31st 2007.

Due to issues that schools encountered in 2006 with password security for students, the MAZE Helpdesk is changing the password field in the exported file. In future the password will be the student’s ID number. This will change over the coming months as the MAZE databases are updated in each school. In the meantime please ensure that you check the password field in the Excel document when you open it. SINA requires passwords to be at least 5 characters long. If the password is less that 5 characters please insert the number ’1’ in front of each password. E.g. 3500 becomes 13500.

For assistance please phone your Learning Technologies Point of Contact.


Move accounts for students leaving - Yr 6, 10 or 12

1. Click Move Accounts in the top frame of Groups Manager.

2. Click Move next to the group of accounts you want to move. This will show you a page that allows you to choose where you want to move the accounts to.

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 01.jpg

3. Click on the arrow next to the drop-down menu and select the group you want to move the accounts to. You need to move accounts to group leave_06.

4. Once you have selected the new group, click Save below the drop-down menu. You will receive a message indicating the number of accounts that were moved including the group they were moved from and the group they were moved to.

Note: the leave_06 accounts must be deleted no later than February 28, 2007.

To avoid any potential mixing of information, firstly move the student group who are leaving the school that year. Then progressively move the groups up a year.

Export a file from MAZE 8

1. Open MAZE 8

2. Click on Students and Families

3. Click on CEO Data Exports

4. Click on General Student

5. Scroll across to the report and double click: Student myinternet login export.

6. Click on export

7. Click on save

8. Click on yes

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 02.jpg

9. Change the date range - the date range should be the year of enrolment for the users you are selecting.

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 03.jpg

10. Press OK

11. Save the report to either the default CEO_Export folder or a folder of your choice.

12. The report can be opened in Excel (or similar spreadsheet program) and then saved as a tab delimited file.

13. Open MS Excel

14. Open the folder containing the exported report. The default is M:\Maze\CEO_exports and the report called Student myinternet login export.txt

15. Choose "Delimited"

16. Ensure that both "tab" and "comma" are ticked.

17. Select "Next" until the "Finish" button appears. Choose "Finish".

18. Save the file as a "TEXT tab delimited" file.

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 04.jpg

Upload the bulk create file

1. Use the SINA Bulk Create option to upload the file.

2. Browse to the file.

3. Select the file and choose "open".

4. Then select the "UPLOAD" button. The upload may take a few sections to load.

5. Check details for accounts. Modify accounts with matching usernames.

Note: You may wish to print this screen or save it for future reference as it contains modified usernames and passwords all in the same place.

You can use the sort option in Excel (Data à Sort à Confirm column à OK) to sort by year level and then copy one group of like users from a year level into a separate spreadsheet. This will allow you to only upload one year level at a time.

Delete Leave_06 Accounts

1. Click Delete Accounts in the top frame of Groups Manager.

2. Click Delete beside the group leave_06. This will delete all accounts within this group but will not delete the group itself.

Caution: Using this function will permanently delete ALL of the user accounts from the chosen group. You cannot restore these accounts once you have clicked Delete.

Delete Individual Accounts for Students and Staff who have left the School

1. Inform staff leaving the school that their account will be deleted at the end of February.

2. Ask staff to provide a forwarding email address once they have one (at their new school) so that any mail can be forwarded to their new email account.

3. Delete all accounts for those who have the left school on March 1. This can be done in Users Manager à User Accounts àDelete Account.

NOTE: Users who are temporarily leaving the school should have their account suspended by moving them to another group and changing their password. Users no longer at a school should be removed from the system within a term.


Student Email

4. Inform all students with email accounts that all email will be deleted from their accounts as from January 30. Students are responsible for downloading any mail from the system that they wish to keep. **Exceptions for Year 11 students continuing to Year 12 can be made.

5. Ask all students to clear files uploaded using the Page Upload tool. Year 11 students should clear out all but essential documents.

6. Delete all student email (other than exceptions) on the date you give the students using the delete email tool. SINA à User Manager à Groups àDelete Email

Staff Email

1. Ask staff to delete all unwanted mail in their accounts including mail in the sent folder.

Other Accounts

1. Delete the mail from all of the accounts that are never used at the school. These accounts have mail in them when a user sends mail to the all list however nobody ever accesses them so the mail builds up.


Property Administration enables you to administer Properties that belong to users in your school. You can locate specific Properties, based on a set of search criteria, and then edit, delete, change the ownership, or become a maintainer. For each Property you can view information including the Property Title, Description, Creator, Owner, Dates Created and Last Edited, and whether the Property is shared.

Changing the Owner

If a teacher leaves the school you may need to change the Property owner to another user or to the administrator. You can change the owner of more than one Property at a time, but each selection can only be changed to a single owner.

To change the Property owner:

7. In the Select column, select the Properties you want to change the owner for.

8. Click Change Owner.

9. Select the New Owner. You can select a specific person or your school. To select a specific person start typing their name. A list of people matching that name (who can be made Property owners) will appear. When you find the persons name, click on it to select.

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 05.png

10. Click Change Owner.

Deleting a Property

If there are unused, old, or duplicate Properties in your school, you can delete them to save disk space and reduce clutter. You can delete more than one Property at a time.

To delete a Property:

1. In the Select column, select the Properties you want to delete.

2. Click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

File:Bulk create and end of year uprotected 06.png

3. Click Yes.

NOTE: If there are any properties that are in breach of copyright, you will need to discuss this issue with the property owner and ask them to change it or delete it. If there is any doubt about copyright or the property contains photos of children from your school please ensure that the property is not shared outside of the school.

Please consult Dennis Granlund at the CEO library if you have any copyright questions.

Class Administration

Browse and Search the classes in your school. The default list contains the 100 classes that have not been modified for the longest time.

To save disk space and reduce clutter, please delete all classes that have no name, demo classes and ones that have been made as part of a PD session e.g. were last edited within a short time of creation.

Check all other classes:

1. If they have been created by someone who has left the school, check that no one else in the school is using the class. If it is not being used, delete the class.

2. If a class hasn’t been edited in the last 12 months, check with the owner to see if they are still valid classes. If not, please delete.

NOTE: Deleting a class page only deletes the generic set of class properties. Any other properties can be deleted using Property Administration.

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