(Duncan enters the station)

Dawn: Um, are you Duncan?

Cody: This is Dawn. I'm Cody. Hi, Duncan.

Dawn: Um, Don is in there. If you want to say hello.

Cody: I like Don.

Dawn: I do too.

Duncan: He's a loser!

Cody: No, he's not.

Duncan: I said he's a loser! Are you calling me a liar? Do you want me to beat you up?

Cody: No.

Duncan: Then he's a loser, right? Right?!

Cody: Right.

Dawn: We promised to be nice to him, remember?

Cody: Yeah.

Dawn: Have you ever been to Total Drama Station before?

Cody: There's lots to do here.

Dawn: Do you want to play a game?

Cody: What are you doing?

Duncan: I'm doin' what I feel like doin'. Drawin' graffiti on the walls!

Dawn: Don't do that!

Duncan: Who's gonna stop me?

Don: Duncan!

Duncan: Oh, hiya, Don. Those were great directions you gave me. I had no trouble finding my way here. No wonder you're the host of The Ridonculous Race.

Don: Yeah, I get that a lot. I see you've met Cody and Dawn.

Duncan: Yeah, they were showing me around.

Don: Cool, cool. Well, you teens go about your business. I got important matters to deal with. Real important matters. Hey, there tiny fella. Hey, short stuff. Why won't you let me see you, Trent?! I just want you to compete on my show!

Quote 2

Duncan: Hey, squirt. You still here?

Cody: Oh no! Trent, please disappear!

Duncan: Who's that you're talking to?

Cody: Nobody.

Duncan: Nobody, huh? What's that you got behind your back?! It's that tiny guy that dumb Don's always looking for! Get outta my way!

Cody: No!

Duncan: I said get out of my way or I'll beat you up!

Cody: No!

Duncan: I said...I'd beat you up!

Cody: You get away from here! Leave Trent alone! (Don bangs his head under the table) If you lay one hand on Trent...I'll...I'll...turn you upside down!

Duncan: Upside down?

Cody: I-I'll spin you around by your feet!

Duncan: My feet?!

(Trent disappears while giving a thumbs up)

Cody: I'll stick that ice cream cone on your head!

Duncan: Now take it easy! Calm down will ya?!

Cody: Then give me my nickel back!

Duncan: Here. Take your nickel. Just...don't hurt me, please?

Scott: Ah. Duncan. Here's another ice cream cone for you.

Duncan: Stay away from that guy! He's dangerous!

Scott: Oh, wow. Wait'll Don finds out that you scared off his guest. His very special guest.

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