Another of the bigger races. They however are not nearly as warlike as the Nechetta and instead keep to themselves in general. However they are known to be fiercely territorial, a bit primitive in this way. Their lifespan depends on sub species.

Physical Features

They are big, eight feet tall and distant cousins of the Nechetta. However their body is covered in heavy to light fur depending on the sub species. Their bodies and horns like that of a ram’s sprouts from their head. Their fur grows uniformly across their bodies, so they have no real hair or beard styles, and their teeth are varying from sub species. Their hands are large and each knuckle has a rock-like callous on it that creates a slight point. They also wield a thick tail for balance, it is not too flexible but is only needed to keep from falling.

Sub Species

Mountain Bunkarta

These are the bigger ones, and are coated with thick white fur. They are undoubtably the stronger of the races, but much less social and known to attack their own family over territorial disputes. They average a lifespan of 80-100 years

Valley Bunkarta

Even though found in forests and jungles as well, they share the same name and traits. They have much thinner fur, ranging from light gray to dark brown. They are a bit smaller then their mountain cousins and live in cities with the other races. They have been known to get along well with the Dael. The valley Bunkarta averages a lifespan of 70-80 years.


Bunkarta culture is primitive, they have simplistic social structures in which the male is dominant. However the valley Bunkarta are known to be involved in bigger empires, and they get along fairly well respecting the complex social order of actual factions.


Mountain Bunkarta retain their old language consisting of rougher sounds to be heard in the deep snow blizzards. The Valley Bunkarta have lost their language in favor of learning the other races, particularly the well-traveled Dael.


What makes their cultures clothing stand out is their lack thereof. The valley Bunkarta only wear any when in major cities to respect their modest cultures. Otherwise they are suited to loincloths and their fur. The mountain sub species generally wear heavy clothing at the highest peaks, otherwise the entire species prefers to rely on their fur.


They have no religion of their own, instead they take on others or remain agnostic. The Dael spirits are popular with both mountain and Valley Bunkarta.

Social structure

Another tribe like group, however these tribes have no recognized ranks. Instead there are simply professions within, such as hunter, cook, etc. As such their decisions are made as a tribe, a very true and unmanipulated form of democracy.


Bunkarta names are much simpler then any other cultures, even the Nechetta’s. Because it is just a call name, they do not feel an attatchment to family relations or tribe relations enough to give themselves more names. However, the valley bunkarta are known to have occasionally taken on dael tribe and kingdom names as a sign of respect and acceptance among the dael.

Racial Powers

  • Can survive very harsh conditions, including deserts for either species.
  • Heavy strength makes them superb melee fighters, they are also good shamans.
  • Their tail gives them both balance and weaponry.

Racial Weaknesses

  • Tail is an easy weak point to throw them off balance
  • A large hand renders them almost hopeless of operating complex machinery, guns included unless manufactured by the Nechetta.


They create oddly beautiful workmanship when they settle down. Particularly the mountain species that use it to mark territory. Their crafts feature many perfectly arranged flat and sharp surfaces, favoring the color blue or green dependent on if they are mountain or valley.

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