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Based on the movie Cinderella

  • Bunnie as Cinderella
  • Antoine as Prince Charming
  • Cheese and various Chao characters as Jaq, Gus, and the other mice
  • Armand as the King
  • Trevor as the Grand Duke
  • Cyrus as the Herald
  • Breezie as the Fairy Godmother
  • Catella as Lady Tremaine
  • Sonia as Anastasia
  • Anti-Sally as Drizella
  • Beauregard as Cinderella's father
  • Rotor as Bruno
  • Dulcy as Cinderella's Horse
  • Mephiles as Lucifer
  • A random hedgehog man as Sir Hugh
  • A random overweight hedgehog woman as the Woman who is afraid of mice
  • Elias as the Baker
  • Max as Bert
  • Rouge as Prudence
  • Alicia as Beatrice
  • Queen Aleena as Daphne

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