This is a fanmade children's music video collection. Hosted by Alex from CBeebies accompanied by the British Council Word of the Week children, these videos, packed with wit, humour, simplicity, fantasy, variety, and charm, bring the very best kids' songs and nursery rhymes to life! Guaranteed to make your children laugh, sing, think and dream! They were released by Abbey Home Media in 2015.


Time to Rhyme!: Children's Rhymes Come Alive! (The rhymes are spoken in the video.) Spring 2015

Laughing and Learning: Educational and Funny Songs Summer 2015

A Trip to Toy Town-Fall 2015. Snappin' Harriet, star of a brisk, rhythmic song and her gang drop by Toy Town for a vacation/holiday. Packed with sing-along songs for kids and their parents. Introduces Alex's friend Cerrie from CBeebies.

Halloween in Toy Town-Halloween 2015. Snappin' Harriet's at it again! Hosting a Halloween party with Alex and Cerrie, this tuneful trio offers a collection of Halloween favourites including "Phantom Complainer."

Christmas in Toy Town-Aired Christmas 2015. Alex, Cerrie, Harriet and pals take a Christmas holiday in Toy Town

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