The Up and At'em Machine

  • Buster Bunny: "I would hold on."

Babs Bunny: "Why?"

Roderick Rat steals the Potion and Babs worried about Buster

  • Babs Bunny: "Buster?"

(She Stops the Machine and looks at Buster, now an egg yolk)

Buster: "Am I alive?"

Babs Bunny fainted (when she first saw Buster Bunny)

  • Buster Bunny: "Uh, hi?"

Babs Bunny: (fainted)

"If you're a ghost"

  • Rhubella: "Roderick, do you have any idea what this means?"

Roderick: "Yes! No."

Rhubella: "You don't have to be scared of death anymore. One minute you'll be a ghost; next, you're back on your feet, free to come and go as you please."

Roderick: "Heck, you could even fly through..."

Rhubella: "Walls. Thick walls."

Roderick: "Thick as steel."

Rhubella: "Certainly could get to whatever's behind those walls."

Roderick: "Like a, a treasure, for example?"

Rhubella: "And snap, crackle, pop: You're back alive and on your way to the Riviera."

Roderick: "If you were a ghost."

Rhubella: "If you were."

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