Cheer Up, Hamton J. Pig is a song in Buster Bunny and the Chocolate Factory, a 2012 film.


  • Fifi La Fume: You get blue like everyone. But me and Sonic. Can make your troubles go away. Blow away, there they go... Cheer up, Hamton J. Pig. Give me a smile. What happened to the smile I used to know? Don't you know your grin has always been, my sunshine; Let that sunshine show... Come on, Hamton J. Pig. No need to frown. Deep down you know tomorrow is your toy... When the days get heavy, never pitter patter. Up and at'em, boy. Some day, sweet as a song. Hamton J. Pig's lucky day will come along. Till that day, you've got to stay strong, Hamton J. Pig. Up on top is right where you belong. Look up, Hamton J. Pig. You'll see a star. Just follow it and keep your dreams in view. Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up Hamton J. Pig, Cheer up, Hamton J. Pig, do. Cheer up, Hamton J. Pig. Just be glad you're you.

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