Promotional picture of Butch in full CGi

Number 10
Class yellow and greyish blue breakdown vehicle
Livery yellow and greyish blue breakdown vehicle
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built 1990 (he was experimental)
Builder yellow and greyish blue breakdown vehicle
Designers Sir Topham Hatt I and William Stainer
Date to Birth October 29, 1990
Date to Death November 18, 2013 (aged 23)
First Appearance Horrid Lorry
Voice Actors Rupert Degas
(UK; S15 only)
Matt Wilkinson
(UK; S16 onwards)
Glenn Wrage
(USA; S15 - S16)
Steven Kynman
(USA; S17 onwards)

Butch is a yellow and greyish blue breakdown vehicle who works on the Island of Sodor. He keeps busy on the Island helping clear rubble and haul broken down cars and lorries. He also helps out on accident scenes, and pulls his low loader trailer to help out stranded vehicles. He is also seen assisting in engine rescues (Season 6's 'Gordon Takes a Tumble') and lowering boats into the sea (Season 11's 'Thomas Sets Sail'). He also assisted with the demolition of Tidmouth Sheds in 'Calling All Engines!'. His number plate is 'BRK 03', and is also known as the 'Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit'. He was one of the first Thomas characters to have facial hair. Since the Season 15 episode, Stuck On You, he has had speaking appearances and became a member of the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, complete with sporting the company's logo on his cab.


  • Butch's theme is the Post Train/Sleeping Beauty theme from Seasons 3-4.


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