Captain as Timmy

Debbie (from Robbie the Robot) as Timmy's Mom

Robbie (from Robbie the Robot) as Timmy's Dad

Thumper as Sparky

Butch as Cosmo

Daisy as Wanda

Emily as Vicky

Old Slow Coach as Trixie

BoCo as AJ

Rusty as Chester

Flying Scotsman as Elmer

Terence as Sanjay

Duchess of Hamilton (from RWS) as Veronica

Merrick as Tad

Owen as Chad

George as Mark

Millie as Mandie

Albert (from RWS) as Crimson Chin

Duck as Binky

Murdoch as Francis

Salty as Jorgen Von Strangle

Den/Dart as Juandissimmo

Marion as Blonda

Mavis as Genderal Waxeplex

Lorry 1 as Mr Crocker

Skarloey as Chet

Bear (from RWS) as Chip

Isabel/Dulcie (from RWS) as Tooth Fairy

Boulder as Remy

Derek as Bucky

Evil Butch as Anti-Cosmo

Evil Daisy as Anti-Wanda

Patrick as Norm

Other Buses (from Butch and the Buses, Butch and the Breakdown Crane, Dirty Objects, Pop Goes the Lorry and Dirty Work) as The Robots Becoming Evil

Good Buses as Nice Robots

Smudger as Gary

Lorry 2 as Pokernatior

Lorry 3 as Darth Bliazer

Thomas as Superbike

Water Tower as Super Toilet

Bill/Ben as Servace

Bus as Alien Robot

Buses as Elimaters

Another Bus as Turbo Thunder

Evil Vehicles as Anti-Faires

Hank as Pappy

Jem Cole as Pokeye

The Stationmaster as Pokeye Enemy

TV Characters (from Mario, SuperTed, The Simpsons, Sesame Street and Family Guy) as The Old Cartoon

Characters on TV

Edward as Poof

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