Butch is the Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit breakdown truck. He is now part of the Search and Rescue Team.


He was seen towing Lorry 3 to the docks after he broke down. He made lots of cameos like when he helped Bertie when he was stuck in the snow and when he cleans the windmill remains. He helped with the demolition of Tidmouth Sheds when Thomas tricked the diesels with bananas. He helped with the rebuild of Great Waterton after Thomas dicovered it. He was seen at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre when the opening starts. That's how he became part of the team. So in Season 15, Butch had a magnet. He didn't listen to Victor's advice. He tried to pick up the poles and Rosie's wheel. But the magnet didn't work until he backed up to Thomas. It was stuck and Thomas had the magnet on all the way to the Steamworks. Victor told Butch and Thomas that the red light means the magnet is switched on. Butch then turns the magnet off. They soon went to work taking the poles to Farmer McColl and the wheel to Rosie. The two friends soon arrived back at the Rescue Centre.

Major Appearances

Season 5

  • Horrid Lorry (faceless, does not speak)

Season 15

  • Stuck on You

Season 16

  • Race to the Rescue
  • Express Coming Through! (does not speak)
  • Percy and the Monster of Brendam

Season 17

  • Too Many Fire Engines


Season 5

  • Cranky Bugs
  • Bye George
  • Stepney Gets Lost
  • Rusty and the Boulder

Season 6

  • Gordon Takes A Tumble
  • James and the Red Balloon

Season 7

  • Emily's New Coaches
  • James and the Queen Of Sodor
  • Toby's Windmill
  • The Spotless Record
  • Harold and the Flying Horse
  • Three Cheers For Thomas

Season 8

  • Thomas and the Tuba
  • Gordon Takes Charge
  • Emily's Adventure
  • You Can Do It Toby!

Season 9

  • Thomas Tries His Best

Season 10

  • Toby's Afternoon Off
  • Edward Strike Out

Season 11

  • Thomas Sets Sail

Season 16

  • Emily's Winter Party Special
  • Welcome Stafford


  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  • Calling All Engines
  • The Great Discovery
  • Misty Island Rescue

Voice Actors




  • Butch's model was used in Drayton Manor.
  • Until Season 15, Butch's only speaking role was in a Leap Pad book called, "Thomas the Really Useful Engine". His line was, "Hello. I'm Butch the Breakdown Truck".
  • Butch's ERTL model was marked as "Sodor Recovery Unit".
  • Butch's Wooden Railway model was reintroduced with the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre logo on his door.


Rocky (Toy Story, both are yellow and very strong), Mr Strong (Mr Men, both are strong and friendly)

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