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Buto is a teenage boy created by Jacso Palace as a fan character. He first appeared in the second season of The Adventures of Amy and Tiff, where he moves in to Cappytown from his old (and unknown) hometown. His first online appearance occurred on April 1, 2004.

Physical Appearance

In the fan fiction series, Buto has yellow skin and hair like Tiff. He wears a black or red shirt, a red or blue tied shirt that "hides" his pants, a red or blue and white cap, and red or blue sneakers. He is 14 years old, has blue eyes, and is almost the same height as Sonic.


Buto shares the same love relationship with Tiff much like Sonic and Amy's relationship. He normally likes to eat food that usually isn't good for anybody's health, and like Cream the Rabbit, he dislikes broccoli and spinach. In episode 37, it is revealed that Buto's main fighting weapon is a lightsaber.

Friends and Allies

  • Tiff (love interest)




  • "There it is! My new hometown awaits me!" - First lines

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