This is PB&Jotterisnumber1's Popples version of Dianecat98/DEECat98's Butterfly Effect Rewritten.


[The scene opens up on an exterior shot of the Popple House on a sunny day; Puzzle rolls out of his room and pops out to perform for the viewer. He then takes a yellow yo-yo out of his pouch]
Puzzle: "Watch in awe, as The Amazing Puzzle displays his unbelievable yo-yo skills! I shall now "walk the Puffling"!"
[White Puffling enters the scene, carrying a leash in one hand]
Puzzle: "Not you, White Puffling. I meant the yo-yo."
[White Puffling warbles sadly, and he hops out of the scene; Puzzle does his "walk the Puffling" trick]
Puzzle: "I shall now go "AROUND THE WORLD"!"
[White Puffling enters the scene, carrying a suitcase]
Puzzle: "Sorry, still talking about the yo-yo."
[White Puffling warbles sadly, and he hops out of the scene; Puzzle attempts to do the "around the world" trick, but the yo-yo flies off his mitten-like hand, ricochets around the hallway, and flies into Lulu and Bibsy's room, causing a crash]
Puzzle: [nervous] "The Amazing Puzzle will now take a brief intermission."
[Puzzle and White Puffling look into the room, and they see that the bottles on Lulu's desk have been broken, with their contents spilled]
Puzzle: "Yikes. I better go tell Lulu."
[flashes into Puzzle's imagination, where Lulu observes the damage in a dark, stylized environment]
Lulu: [turning red with anger, with her teeth sharpened and tail raised] "You've completely DESTROYED MY LIFE'S WORK! I DESPISE YOU, AND YOU NO LONGER EXIST TO ME!"
[a wall of fire burns in the background behind her, along with a cultist choir, as the scene flashes back to Puzzle]
Puzzle: "Yeah, I'm not telling Lulu."
White Puffling: [warbles sadly]
Puzzle: "Oh, come on, White Puffling. When did you get a conscience? I've seen you poop on the couch! Besides, if I just walk away, what's the worst that can happen?"
[White Puffling glances at the viewers; Puzzle takes the yo-yo from the damage and hides it in his pouch]
Puzzle: "I'll just remove the evidence, and they'll be none the wiser."
[Puzzle and White Puffling walk out of the room; a drop of one chemical falls into a puddle of another chemical, causing an explosion that raises the roof]

[Scene transitions to Lulu, who is examining the damage on her desk]
Lulu: "I don't understand what went wrong. Science is a fickle mistress."
[Prize is looking over a hole in the wall causes by the explosion, which leads to the closet in her's and Puffball's room; Puffball pokes her head through the hole]
Puffball: "Hi, Prize! Have we always had a window in our closet?"
Prize: "Ugh, it's not a window. Lulu's experiment blew a hole in the wall." [notices a picture frame peeking out from the other side] "What's this?"
[Prize sees that the frame contains a signed photo of P.C.]
Prize: "'To my bodacious babe'? Puffball, why is this picture of P.C. hidden on your side of the closet?"
Puffball: "Oh, there is it is! That was a surprise present from P.C. for your 88-day-iversary. He asked me to hide it for him, but I forgot where I put it."
Prize: "That anniversary was eight days ago, and P.C. gave me socks! I can't believe this! You're literally seeing P.C. behind my back! You seriously can't do this, Puffball!"
Puzzle: [walks into the room] "Everything okay after that unexpected and totally random explosion that I know nothing about?"
[Prize shouts in anger, marches out of the room, and slams the door; a coat rack in the closet falls onto Puffball, knocking her out; a shelf also tips over, causing several pairs of shoes to fall on her]

[Puffball opens her eyes as she regains consciousness on Lulu's bed; Puzzle and Lulu are looking down on her]
Puffball: "What happened?"
Puzzle: "A shelf fell on your head."
Puffball: "Of course! Everyone knows that an object falling at a velocity of 9.8 meters per second squared will result in a temporary loss of consciousness."
Lulu: "I knew that. The question is, how did you?"
Puzzle: "Hey, I saw this in a movie once. I bet getting hit on the head altered Puffball's brain and made her smart."
Lulu: "Puzzle, you seem unable to distinguish between scientific fact and preposterous Popplewood schlock."
Puffball: "I don't get it."
Lulu: "See? Same old Puffball. Can't even understand simple English."
Puffball: [walks over to Lulu's chalkboard, which contains a complex equation] "No, I don't get why you multiplied your "Z" polynomials before solving your non-negative integer exponents."
[Lulu looks over the equation, and gasps loudly as it dawns on her that Puffball is right]
Lulu: "You're right, Puffball! Maybe you should be my science partner and we can do so many things together! Now, please help me find the solution on why my experiment blew a hole through the wall. I'm sure it can't be my fault of this happening."
Puffball: "Well as much as I would, I'm off to disprove Poptonian physics. Buh-bye!"
[Puffball leaves]
Lulu: "Wait, don't go! (sighs) "While it is true that I do have myself, how am I going to find out why this has happened now? Well, I guess it is my fault anyway, 'cause I am the one who blew the hole in the wall due to my experiment. [collapses to the floor, crestfallen] "I really am a young Popple who messes up science."
[White Puffling looks up and warbles madly at Puzzle]
Puzzle: "Don't you have a couch to poop on?"

[cuts to Puzzle finishing cleaning up the couch]
Puzzle: "White Puffling, that was a rhetorical question!"
[Sunny enters the house with her Popple-ball in hand, screams loudly, and pounds her fist against the wall; she hyperventilates as Puzzle walks up to her]
Puzzle: "What are you so upset about?"
Sunny: "I failed my school test today when I usually do a good job at them!"
Puzzle: "How could you fail? Doesn't Lulu tutor you?"
Sunny: "She used to, until she dropped out and got a job as a gas station attendant at Mayor's Market & Mileage."
Puzzle: "She WHAT?!"
Sunny: "UGH, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME!" [kicks her Popple-ball hard]
Penny: [walks down the stairs] "I present to you your new "Miss Cute and--" [the ball hits her in the face] "OH, MY NOSE!"
[Penny looks into a mirror, and sees that her nose has severely swollen up]
Penny: [gasps] "I am a hideous...Popple monster."
Puzzle: "It's not that bad, Penny."
[Penny runs up the stairs, and she trips and falls on her face when she reaches the top]
Penny: "OH, MY TEETH!" [cries]
[White Puffling looks up at Puzzle, and he shakes his head in disapproval]
Puzzle: "Fine, I'll fix it."

[Puzzle rides his bike over to Mayor's Market & Mileage, and he sees Lulu wearing a gas station attendant's uniform]
Puzzle: "Lulu, why are you doing this?"
Lulu: "Mayor Maynot's the only guy who will hire young Popples with no experience."
Puzzle: "No, I mean, why are you doing any of this? Come home. Sunny needs you!"
Lulu: "Why don't you get Miss Smartypopple to help her!" [Puffball drives up in a purple convertible] "Speak of Popfoot. Regular or unleaded?
Puffball: [gets a certificate out of her pouch and brandishes it] "Oh, I don't need gas. I just won the Popbel Prize for inventing a car that runs on apple juice."
Lulu: "Of course you did."
Puffball: [hands Lulu a juice box] "Fill 'er up, please."
[Lulu opens up the fuel tank, and squirts the box's contents into it]
Puzzle: "And then we'll all get in Puffball's juicemobile, go home, and forget all this nonsense."
Puffball: "Can't! I'm off to Popvard! Au revoir, adios, auf Wiedersehen, and aloha!"
Lulu: "A-HA! "Aloha" means "Hello"!"
Puffball: "It also means "Goodbye"!" [speeds off]
Lulu: "Dang it. I used to know that."
[Mayor Maynot, the owner of the station, opens a window and calls out to Lulu]
Mayor Maynot: "Hey, Chatty Cathy Popple, BACK TO WORK!"
[White Puffling comes in as he hops to Puzzle]
Puzzle: "White Puffling! You're here!"
[White Puffling warbles]
Puzzle: "Wait, are you saying Penny is, WHAT!? No way! I'm on my way!"

[Puzzle enters Penny's room, holding an ice pack]
Puzzle: "Look who it is, Miss Soon-to-heal."
[Penny, who is trying to stuff a bunch of clothes into her pouch, turns to Puzzle; she still has her swollen nose, and all but one of her teeth are gone]
Puzzle: "AAAAAHHH! I mean, you're looking better!"
Penny: [with a lisp] "Oh, nice try, Puzzle, but I am out of here!" [sadly talks] "I just don't want anyone to look at my hideous new self! I now lost my beauty!"
Puzzle: "But...But..."
[Penny struggles to move with her stuffed pouch, but she trips on her tail, causing her to fall on her face and black both her eyes]
Penny: "I'll send for this!" [grabs the ice pack, puts it over her eyes, and walks out into the hallway]
Puzzle: "Penny, wait!"
[Puzzle tries to run for her, but he bumps into a plastic bubble containing Polly]
Polly: "Careful, Puzzle! You could get seriously injured!"
Puzzle: "Polly, what are you doing in there?"
Polly: "I saw what happened to Penny. I don't want to end up like her."
Puzzle: "But she just got hit by Sunny's Popple-ball!"
Polly: "I know, I know, but I want to prevent myself from any disasters, I'll stay in here, where it's safe! You know what I'm talkin' about, huh, Red Puffling?"
[Red Puffling rolls by in his Puffling ball]
Puzzle: "Polly, you can't be serious!" [Polly rolls past him] "Polly?!"
[Puzzle sees Sunny with a bindle-stick]
Puzzle: "Sunny!? You too?"
Sunny: "Well, since Penny is running away, I'm running away too because I hate to see Popples tease me for failing at a school test."
Puzzle: "No Sunny, please don't!"
[Sunny heads off]
[Puzzle suddenly hears Punkity singing]
Punkity: [singing] "Things don't look too well / Now, everything is not the same / Where did it all go wrong?"
Puzzle: "Punkity?"
Punkity: [shows Puzzle a laptop] "Check it, bro. I uploaded a song I wrote about how awful downfalls can go the highway to... HELLO! I just got fifty more hits!"
Puzzle: [sighs] "Well even though Punkity is writing a song about Popples' downfalls in life, at least that is normal and nothing strange has happened to her."
[the ceiling breaks open, and Big Kick descends, holding into a rope ladder from a helicopter]
Punkity: [gasps] "Big Kick?!"
Big Kick: "Your singing is amazing! You gotta join my tour"! [holds Punkity's hand]
Punkity: "Punkity is IN!"
[the rope goes up though the hole in the ceiling, carrying both away]
Puzzle: "Don't you leave, too! THE FAMILY IS GOING INSANE!"
Punkity: [from the helicopter] "SORRY, DUDE!"
[the helicopter flies away]

[Puzzle goes into his room, takes out a walkie-talkie from his pouch, and he decides to contact Putter]
Puzzle: "Putter, this is Puzzle! Come in! I've got a Code Blue!"
[the screen splits in half to show Putter's location]
Putter: "Code Blue?! You did something wrong and lied about it, and now everything is all messed up?!"
Puzzle: "Affirmative! Can you come over?!"
Putter: "Negative. I've got a Code Green!"
Puzzle: "You showed up to school with your lower half shaved off?"
Putter: "No, that's Code Orange? Hang on."
[Putter is revealed to be skydiving with Prize, and he takes a picture of them with his camera phone; Puzzle gets the picture via text message on his phone, and he jumps up in surprise]
Puzzle: "SWEET MOTHER OF...What are you doing with Prize?!"
Putter: "I've been trying to tell you! A Code Green; Prize broke up with P.C. because she is not happy about the picture of him for a gift, and I'm the rebound Popple!"
Prize: "Happy eight-minute-iversary, Snookie-Booboo-Sugarpopple."
[Putter leans in for a kiss, but Prize deploys her parachute, causing Putter to kiss a winged Puffling instead]
Puzzle: [gags and throws away the walkie-talkie] "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FAMILY?!"
[Party shows up, solemn and depressed, and knocks on Puzzle's door]
Party: "Knock-knock."
Puzzle: "Who's there?"
Party: "This is not a joke, Puzzle. I am moving on. Here, take Orange Bee Popple. I don't want him anymore."
Puzzle: "Wait, Party, what brought this on?"
Party: "Well, ever since Punkity left, I've had no one to try my jokes out on. But then I realized that jokes and entertainment are a waste of time and that the real world problems like global warming are more importaint. So, I've decided to ACTIVIST!"
Puzzle: "Don't be ridiculous! You're a comedian!" [takes out a pie and throws it into his face] "See? Funny, right?"
Party: "Sorry Puzzle, not anymore."
[a horde of Pufflings stampedes past Puzzle]
Puzzle: "What the heck was that?!"
Party: "They're just Polly's Pufflings. I liberated them. And now, I'm off to heal this ticking time bomb we call Earth."
Puzzle: "Wait, Party, you can't be serious!"
[SpeedyPopp appears, spooking Puzzle, and he takes the Orange Bee Popple]
[SpeedyPopp and SecretPopp are in the living room; Puzzle chases Pink Puffling, who hides under the couch]
Puzzle: "Get back here, Pink Puffling!"
[SecretPopp warbles at him, and hides behind the couch]
Puzzle: "Pink Puffling, come to Uncle Puzzle!"
Cuester: [on the TV] "And now, for tonight's top stories. The rising star Punkity Popple was kicked off the Big Kick Popple tour for destroying a hotel room after losing control of her mind."
[the news cut to footage of the wreckage of the hotel room where Big Kick has kicked off Punkity]
Big Kick: "Sorry Punkity, but you are out of the tour for how insane you have gotten and for destroying this hotel room."
[Big Kick leaves in his helicopter, leaving Punkity screaming insanely]
Punkity: [in a British accent] "ALL I WANTED WAS A BLEEDING PILLOW MINT!"
Puzzle: "Punkity?"
Cuester: "In a related story, former comedian turned activist Party Popple has chained herself to a giant redwood tree."
[the news cuts to footage of Party chained to a giant redwood tree, while onlookers record her with their mobile devices]
Party: [chanting] "Hey-hey, ho-ho! Keep your hands off, let it grow!"
Puzzle: "Party?!"
[The Pink Puffling, SecretPopp, and SpeedyPopp join him in viewing]
Cuester: "I'm being told we have breaking news."
Puzzle: "Please don't let it be one of my sisters!"
[the news cuts to Squeaky Pop on the scene at Mayor's Market & Mileage, with Lulu drinking a "Maymay" ice drink right next to her]
Squeaky Pop : "Cuester, I'm here at Mayor's Market & Mileage, where two unknown bandits have just made off with a carload of beef jerky and a cotton candy machine!"
Lulu: "They're not unknown, they're my sisters." [sips] "Their insanity hurts more than this brain freeze."
Squeaky Pop: "I'm getting word that the bandits are currently leading police on a slow-speed chase!"
[cuts to an army of police cars chasing Penny's kiddie car through the desert; Penny, her face now covered in bandages, is driving, while Sunny is in the passenger seat, eating cotton candy]
[Puzzle and the Pufflings look on in shock; Pink Puffling, Puzzle, and SpeedyPopp take on the familiar "wise monkey" poses]
Squeaky Pop: "One has to wonder, where did it all go wrong for these girls? And why is a Popplementary School student working at a gas station?"
[Mayor Maynot takes hold of the camera]
Mayor Maynot: "Interview over! Wait, don't forget to come down to Mayor's Market & Mileage, home of the Maymay! Now the interview's over." [puts his hand over the camera]
[Puzzle turns off the TV; Pretty Bit suddenly appears next to him]
Pretty Bit: "I was watching that..."
Puzzle: [screams and jumps up in terror] "Pretty Bit! At least you're still normal!"
[Pretty Bit looks toward Puzzle, and smiles wide to reveal a pair of fangs]
Puzzle: "D'AAH! NOT NORMAL!"
Pretty Bit: "...but I was bitten by Polly's liberated vampire Puffling that has wings like a bat! Greatest! Day! EVER! See you never!" [turns into a dark purple bat-winged Puffling and flies away]
Puzzle: "Nine sisters lost, but there's still one I can save!"

[Puzzle enters Lulu and Bibsy's room, and he looks into Bibsy's crib; he finds that she is not in it]
Puzzle: "Bibsy?"
[the roof is lifted up from outside by Bibsy, who has grown to gargantuan size; she looks down at Puzzle, and she giggles]
Puzzle: "BIBSY!"
[Puzzle sees a trail of Lulu's chemicals leading from her desk to the crib]
Puzzle: "Oh no, Lulu's chemicals! What have I done?!"
Bibsy: "Mmmm...glob-glob!"
[Bibsy reaches down for Puzzle as he runs off to the door and closes it and is now safe from Bibsy, then Bibsy giggles and walks off rampaging]
Puzzle: "Bibsy is now humongous! This has gotten worse now!"
[White Puffling comes to Puzzle and warbles about it]
Puzzle: "White Puffling, you were right all this time! I should have told the truth, but one little lie caused a big butterfly effect which made all my sisters lose control and ruined the house! I now must fix it by getting to Lulu and tell her the truth and she can help get everything back to normal!"

[Puzzle and White Puffling run out of the house to make it to Mayor's Market & Mileage, only to stop by and see a TV set in a store, displaying more horrible news]
Cuester: "More terrible breaking news has occurred, a giant white baby Popple is breaking through the redwood tree forest and setting it all on fire."
[Bibsy is shown destroying the forest in giant size. The onlookers who were recording Party being stuck to a redwood tree scream and run away as they saw the giant Bibsy stomping through. Party saw what has happened, breaks out of the chains and goes after Bibsy, grabbing an anti-flaming forest sign out of her pouch and holding it up]
Party: "You will never ruin life!"
Cuester: "Also, a teenage Popple named Prize Popple has just married a boy named Putter Popple, who is too young for her which has just shocked everyone in Popplopolis."
[Prize and Putter are seen riding on a bike with letters that say "just married" right in front of town and behind Puzzle and White Puffling as they just saw them outside of the TV and a bunch of Popples get confused and freaked out about it]
Puzzle: "Oh no! This is all getting worse! But, I am still almost here at Lulu, I still must make it and get it done!"

[Puzzle and White Puffling continue their run until they made it to Mayor's Market & Mileage where they saw Lulu]
Puzzle: "Lulu! There you are! Okay, mind if I tell the reason why your experiment blew a hole in the wall?"
Lulu: "Sure. Go ahead, tell me why it has happened."
Puzzle: "Alright, if you really want to know, this is the truth. The experiment did not blow up because of your intelligence, they blew up because of me! I was the one who did that hole in the wall! I was playing with my yo-yo, and it got out of control, and it wrecked your experiments, and I'm really, really sorry!"
Lulu: "So is that what really happened?"
Puzzle: "Yes, and now it seems like with just one small mistake the experiments made it even worse like you working at a gas station, Prize and Putter getting married, Punkity going crazy during a World Tour trip, Polly in a huge bubble, Party being an environmental activist, Penny and Sunny taking life of crime, Pretty Bit becoming a vampire, Bibsy being a giant, and Puffball being smarter than you! All of it is my fault! I caused all of this huge disaster! Please don't get mad at me."
Lulu: "Actually, I am not mad."
Puzzle: "Wait, you're not?"
Lulu: "Of course I am not, now that you told me the truth, it's understandable and it was all a mistake and I forgive you for it. Also, since you told the whole thing of what happened, [Lulu takes off her gas station outfit] "we can find a way to fix it together."
Puzzle: "Yay! Thanks Lulu!"
White Puffling: [warbles happily]
Puzzle: "I did it, White Puffling, I told the truth and now things will be fixed! Now how are we going to return everything back to normal?"
[Puffball then comes in with her car]
Puffball: "I have heard why all of this disaster has happened since I can read all of it through these chemicals I was testing through [Puffball shows her chemicals] and with them, they can explain the cause behind this. We can use them to help fix everything."
Puzzle: "Well, since Puffball is super smart now and knows how to fix it, we'll let her help us! That's it! It could work! Puffball, we need your help on how to fix everything."
Puffball: "I would love to help resolve this problem! Now, just hop into my car and I will show you where to use this chemical."
Puzzle: "Sounds like a deal!"
[Puzzle, Lulu, and White Puffling get into Puffball's car]
Puzzle: "Hit it, Puffball!"

[Puffball starts driving off, but suddenly, they notice that the sky is starting to turn red as omen-like music is playing in the background]
Puzzle: "Wait, something doesn't seem right! [everything is then seen levitating in the air] Looks like everything is now getting worse! [Puzzle then sees chemicals oozing around the city which is coming from the Popple House] It's the chemicals from Lulu's experiment! They're now making Popplopolis into a huge, disastrous place! [then a huge light up in the sky begins to suck everything up] It's becoming even worse now that this huge strange light in the sky is sucking up everything in sight, which might lead to the world coming to an end!"
Puffball: "Don't worry! Just hold on tight, we'll make it there faster!"
[Puffball drives the car faster and they go as fast as they can but only to see that giant Bibsy is chasing after them]
Puzzle: [gasps]
Lulu: "How did Bibsy get so big?"
Puzzle: "No time to talk about it! Faster, Puffball!"
[Puffball tries to make the car go faster, only to see that the car is almost out of juice]
Puffball: "Oh no! Looks like my car is almost out of juice! [Puffball tosses a box of apple juice to Puzzle] "Quick! Refill it to make it go faster."
[Puzzle quickly refills the car in the fuel tank next to him and Puffball's car goes faster, giving them a chance to escape from Bibsy, who tries to grab them, but misses]
Puzzle: "Phew! That was close."
[But then, they see Punkity, who is now being sent to jail in a jail bus, all tied up for her insanity]
Punkity: [in a British accent] "You can't take me away, mates!"
Puzzle: "Oh no! Punkity!"
[Penny and Sunny are also taken away to jail in another jail bus, also tied up]
Puzzle: [gasps] "Not Sunny and Penny too! Three of my sisters are now getting sent to jail! But they won't for long as we return them and all of Popplopolis back to normal!"

[the four make it near the light which is at the park of Popplopolis]
Puffball: "We're at the park of Popplopolis, where we will mix the chemicals together to make a special explosion that can revert everything back to normal. Lulu, you pour this experiment bottle into the big one I have here as teamwork. Now, let's do it together!"
[Lulu nods and agrees and they start to mix the two experiments together, but Puzzle gets more worried as the buildings of Popplopolis are lifting up and all of them are reaching into the light at the same time where they are going to get sucked in with various Popples, cars, and Pufflings about to get sucked in as well. Puzzle grabs hold of White Puffling while grabbing onto the ground, so that he and White Puffling doesn't get sucked in]
Puzzle: "Hurry up! Everything is about to get sucked in!"
Cuester: [holding a microphone as he is floating up into the light] "Now everything is getting sucked into this" [the microphone wire snaps] "LIIIIIIIIIIGHT!"
Mayor Maynot: [from above Puzzle] "Hey, Puzzle! Care for a Maymay?"
Puzzle: "Uh, sorry. No thanks, Mayor Maynot! Besides, the world is ending!"
[Puzzle then sees the rest of his sisters floating]
Party: [with an anti-litter sign] "Throwing litter is against the law! Throwing litter is against the law!
Polly: "Hmm, looks like this bubble is suddenly making me float in the air. I guess my bubble is magical!"
[the two police buses with Punkity, Sunny, and Penny in them are seen floating as well, followed by Pretty Bit as a dark purple Puffling floating through everything getting sucked in, a giant sized Bibsy giggling as she is playing around with a car thinking it's a toy, and Prize and Putter still riding their bike, about to getting sucked in while the bike music from The Wizard of Oz is playing in the background]
[The drop from the small experiment bottle that Lulu is holding up drops into the big experiment bottle, causing the explosion, changing the sky color back to blue, stopping the light, which freezes everything. Suddenly, everyone is teleported back into their original spots]

[Prize has been teleported in front of the Popple House then P.C. comes in with the picture from earlier]
P.C.: Hi Prize, happy 88-day-iversary!
Prize: [gets the photo] "Oh, thank you P.C. Poopoo-Popple!"
[Prize kisses P.C. on the cheek]
[Punkity is teleported into her room, asleep on her bed, then she wakes up]
Punkity: "Wow! I had the craziest dream where I joined Big Kick's World Tour and it was pretty fun, so I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully, someday, I will join Big Kick's World Tour for real as a trip."
[Sunny and Penny have been teleported back into the living room with Sunny seeing how she got a A+ on her test and Penny's face is now back to normal]
Sunny: "I'm glad I succeeded another test today! Lulu is one very helpful genius!"
Penny: [looks through her mirror] "I'm proud to look very beautiful today!"
[Pretty Bit has been teleported on the couch as she is now normal and is no longer a vampire]
Pretty Bit: "Sigh, why did it stop, why?"
[Polly has been teleported at the upstairs hallway as she is no longer in her bubble]
Polly: "Oh, my head feels a bit dizzy. Uh, why am I on the ground all of a sudden? I don't really remember any thing after this morning. [Red Puffling rolls by] Oh, hi Red Puffling!"
[Party has been teleported next to Polly as she is now back to her funny self]
Party: "Hey, Polly!" [Party gets out Orange Bee Popple from her pouch] "Care to hear a joke from Orange Bee Popple?"
Polly: [gets up off the ground] "You bet I would!"
[Bibsy has been teleported back into her crib, now back to normal size]
Bibsy: [giggles as she plays with a toy car in her hand]
[Putter is then teleported back into his house in his room]
Putter: [sighs] I wish Prize was on a date with me instead of P.C..
[Mayor Maynot has been teleported back into Mayor's Market & Mileage]
Mayor Maynot: "I guess it's time to get back to my job" [Mayor Maynot cleans his Maymay machine as he whistles]
Puzzle, Lulu, and White Puffling have been teleported back into Lulu's room]
Puzzle: "Uh, did it work? [Puzzle does not see the hole in the wall anymore, and he looks outside, seeing that everything is now back in place] "It worked!"
Lulu: "Yep. Everything is now back to normal, like how Bibsy is a small baby again." [points to Bibsy] "With everything now back to normal and everyone teleported back home, everyone's memories of the whole disaster has been wiped away, except ours since we were the ones who were aware of it because I made the chemicals and you made them explode, oh and White Puffling was the one who tried to help you tell the truth to me since he saw you break it as well."
Puzzle: "Well, that's good, but where's Puffball?"
Lulu: "Oh, she now teleported back to her place and forgot the whole disaster thing, too. She is back to her dumb self."
[Puffball walks by and sees Puzzle and Lulu in Lulu's room]
Puffball: "Hi Puzz! Hi Lu! Do you know where downstairs is?"
Puzzle and Lulu: "It's to your right."
Puffball: "Oh yeah, now I remember. Thank you!"
[Puffball heads off downstairs]
Puzzle: "Well, I am now glad everything is back to normal, but what's with your chemicals still broken?"
Lulu: "Oh, my chemicals? Well, since everything is now like reverted back to when you broke them, they didn't have to. Besides, I'll make new ones in their place."
Puzzle: "So wait, after all this time, even if I destroyed them, that's another reason why you're not mad at me and forgave me?"
Lulu: "Yes, and it was actually a good thing you broke them because I am now making a new set of them, and unlike the other ones, they won't cause another butterfly effect."
Puzzle: "Now, um, if we are the only ones who remembered the whole disaster thing, what should we do about it?"
Lulu: [walking away] "Let's just not tell it to anyone, we'll just keep it in our minds, and never speak about it again."
Puzzle: [sighs; speaks to the viewers] "Boy, am I glad that nightmare's over, and I learned my lesson; always tell the truth and face it so that things would be better."
[White Puffling then hops in with a pilot hat on and warbles to Puzzle that he wants to fly around the world]
Puzzle: "Sorry White Puffling, no time to fly around the world." [laughs]

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