Buttons is a Tape and Books and now on VHS with Morph, Henry's Cat, Postman Pat, Moschops, King Rollo, The Flumps, The Raggy Dolls, Spot, The Herbs, Charlie Chalk, The Munch Bunch, Pigeon Street, Noah & Nelly, Fireman Sam, Paddington Bear, Gran, Jimbo and the Jet Set and Bertha

Voices By

  • Neil Innes
  • Paul Nicholas
  • Tony Hart
  • Bernard Cribbens
  • Ken Barrie
  • Gay Soper
  • Roy Kinnear
  • Sheila Walker
  • Bob Godfrey
  • Susan Sheridan
  • Ray Brooks
  • Sir Michael Hordern
  • Michael Williams
  • John Wells
  • Barbara Leigh-Hunt
  • George Layton
  • John Telfer
  • John Alderton
  • Patricia Hayes
  • Judy Bennett
  • Charles Collingwood
  • Richard Briers
  • Peter Hawkins

Books and Tapes and VHS

  1. Postman Pat with Henry's Cat and Morph
  2. The Herbs with Pigeon Street and The Raggy Dolls
  3. The Munch Bunch with The Flumps and Spot
  4. Moschops with Garn and King Rollo
  5. Paddington Bear with Fireman Sam and Charlie Chalk
  6. Jimbo and the Jet Set with Noah & Nelly and Moschops
  7. Garn with Charlie Chalk and The Munch Bunch
  8. The Flumps with Postman Pat and Henry's Cat
  9. Fireman Sam with Spot and Jimbo and the Jet Set
  10. Morph with Pigeon Street and Paddington Bear
  11. Charlie Chalk with Postman Pat with Bertha
  12. Noah and Nelly with Morph and Moschops
  13. Spot with The Flumps and The Raggy Dolls
  14. Bertha with Jimbo and the Jet Set and Morph
  15. King Rollo with The Flumps and The Munch Bunch
  16. Pigeon Street with Spot and The Herbs
  17. Henry's Cat with Postman Pat and The Flumps
  18. The Raggy Dolls with Spot and Charlie Chalk


  1. Postman Pat Goes Sledging (Henry's Cat: The Competition and Morph: A Game Of Chess)
  2. The Herbs: The Show (Pigeon Street: Can I Have My Ball Back? and The Raggy Dolls: After the Storm)
  3. The Munch Bunch: The Corn Exchange (The Flumps: The Magnet and Spot in the Woods)
  4. Moschops: All's Well That Ends Well (Gran's a Goalie and King Rollo: The Bath)
  5. Paddington Bear Makes a Bid (Fireman Sam: Telly Trouble and Charlie Chalk: The Sneezes)
  6. Jimbo and the Jet Set: Trouble At Sea (Noah and Nelly: During A Long Time Ago and Moschops: Night-time Sun)
  7. Gran's Bike (Charlie Chalk: There Are No Roads On Merrytwit and The Munch Bunch: Emma's Portrait)
  8. The Flumps: Moon Shot (Postman Pat's Difficult Day and Henry's Cat: The Ill Wind)
  9. Fireman Sam: Treasure Hunt (Spot goes to School and Jimbo and the Jet Set: Jimbo and the Astronaut)
  10. Morph: A Swimming Pool In The Garden (Pigeon Street: Springtime For Hugo and Paddington Bear and the Old Master)
  11. Charlie Chalk: The Mountain That Moaned (Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen and Bertha: More Speed, Less Work)
  12. Noah & Nelly: During a Savings Week (Morph: The Double-Decker Boot and Moschops: Tidiest Dinosaur)
  13. Spot's Lost Bone (The Flumps: Balloons and The Raggy Dolls: The Pigeon Race)
  14. Bertha: A Mouse in the Works (Jimbo and the Jet Set: Holiday Weather and Morph Sticks With It)
  15. King Rollo: The New Shoes (The Flumps: Something Different and The Munch Bunch: Madam Suzie)
  16. Pigeon Street: Pigeon Post (Spot and the Windy Day and The Herbs: Pashana Bedi the Snake Charmer)
  17. Henry's Cat: The Hoilday (Postman Pat: The Sheep In The Clover Field and The Flumps: What a Carrot)
  18. The Raggy Dolls: The Winter Swan (Spot goes to the Circus and Charlie Chalk: Mildred's Day Off)

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