Description of Problem

Individual has difficulty fastening buttons and tying shoes.


  • velcro
  • alternative clothing
  • buttonhook

Recipe to Try

You can purchase a button hook at a medical supply store or order one from a medical catalog. This is a device with a handle and loop on the end. The loop is placed through the buttonhole and around the button. By pulling the loop back through the buttonhole, the button is fastened. Another option would be to use upllover shirts rather than shirts with buttons. The button can be removed from slacks and a piece of velcro can be sewn on the waistband for fastening. Tying shoes acan be made easier by using elastic shoelaces. These are tied once and then stretch to allow the shoe to work as a slip-on shoe. You can also purchase shoes with velcro staps or slip-on shoes to avoid tying altogether.

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