• Evil Emperor Zurg as Chris McLean
  • Commander Nebula as Chef
  • Romac as Geoff
  • Rocket Crockett as DJ
  • Booster as Owen
  • Dr.Animus as Harold
  • Flash Flemming as Trent
  • XR as Cody
  • Norbert Klerm as Ezekiel
  • Buzz  Lightyear as Tyler
  • Ty Parsec as Noah
  • XL as Justin
  • NOS-4-A2 as Alejandro
  • Ozma Furbanna as Lindsay
  • Madame President as Leshawna
  • Bonnie Lepton as Courtney
  • Gravitina as Heather
  • Zoey as Izzy
  • Savy SL2 as Gwen
  • 42 as Sierra
  • Becky as Beth
  • Mira Nova as Bridgette
  • Warp Darkmatter as Duncan
  • Pwerta as Sadie
  • Vicki Vortex as Katie
  • Brun as Eva

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