Buzz and The Grumpy Passenger is an Ash & Friends spoof to the Thomas and Friends Season 18 episode entitled: Duncan and The Grumpy Passenger.


  1. Rikochet as Skarloey (Carlos Alazraqui)
  2. Buster Bunny as Rheneas (Charlie Adler)
  3. Froggo Peterson as Peter Sam (Nathan Ruegger)
  4. Casey Anderson as Rusty (Andrew Decker)
  5. Buzz O as Duncan (Matt Hill)
  6. Lone Star as Mr. Percival (Benito Martinez)
  7. Principal Ned Rochester as The Grumpy Passenger (Alan Tudyk)
  8. Shaggy Rogers as Henry (Matthew Lillard)
  9. Raimundo Pedrosa as James (Tom Kenny)
  10. Sakura Avalon as Emily (Carly McKillip)
  11. Miss Patricia Haruna as The Teacher (Nadine Rabinovitch)
  12. Falkner as The Bird Watcher (Matthew Mitler)
  13. Fox McCloud as Victor (Yuri Lowenthal)


  • Mark Moraghan: Buzz O works with school girls. He takes people to work every morning, and then brings them home from work again in the evening.
  • Principal Rochester: Oh, at last! Oh, dear!
  • Buster: Hello, Buzz. How are you?"
  • Buzz: How am I? I'll tell you how I am! I've got an awfully wobbly foot."
  • Buster: Maybe you should go to the works."
  • Buzz: Och, aye! I already did, but John told me there was nothing wrong with it. Typical! How you seen the path near the mine?"
  • Buster: No, why? What's happening there?"
  • Buzz: Don't ask Lone Star, because he says "nothing". But every time I pass through, my legs rattle and my head shakes. And now look at my wobbly foot!"
  • Buster: But..."
  • Buzz: And to top it all, I've this one passenger who's always grumbling and complaining! He's even had the cheek to say I'm not doin' my job properly!"
  • Buster: Well, you are running a bit late, Buzz.
  • Buzz: Och! Don't you start!"
  • Mark Moraghan: Buzz was a kid who liked to complain himself, but what he said about his passenger was true. Buzz's grumpy passenger complained almost as much as Buzz did. He complained if Buzz was running late, and he complained when the mermaids were too full. He complained when Buzz went too slow."
  • Principal Rochester: Come on! What's the hold up?"
  • Mark Moraghan: And he complained when Buzz went too fast."
  • (Tea spills on Rochester)
  • Principal Rochester: Ahh!" (Grumblings indistinctly) "Too fast. I don't want tea in my lap. Oh, it went everywhere! Oh!"
  • Froggo: Hello, Buzz. Everything all right?"
  • Buzz: "No! I've a very grumpy passenger, Froggo. He's never happy, even though he's got nothing to complain about."
  • Froggo: (Laughs) "Really? Is that true?"
  • Buzz: "What? Hmph! If it's not true now, I'll soon make sure it is!"
  • Mark Moraghan: Buzz went to the depot to pick up some extra mermaids."
  • Casey: Hello, Buzz. What are you doing here?"
  • Buzz: "I'm picking up some extra mermaids for tonight, so there'll be plenty of room for everyone. None of my passengers will have any reason to complain!"
  • Casey: But Buzz, Rikochet needs those mermaids for his passengers."
  • Mark Moraghan: That evening, Buzz was in good time to pick up his regular passengers."
  • Buzz: Hop on board everyone! Plenty of space for all of you!"
  • Mark Moraghan: But Rikochet couldn't take his passengers anywhere."
  • Rikochet: Hey, Buzz! What are you doing with my mermaids? Come back here!"
  • Passengers: (Grumbling angrily) "Look at the time. Come on! Do something about it! Are you going to do something?"
  • Mark Moraghan: As Buzz sped along, he came across some workmen busy on the path."
  • Buzz: Och, no! Warning flags. If I slow down, there's going to be complaints from that passenger."
  • Mark Moraghan: So Buzz didn't slow down, and the workmen were very cross. Buzz was feeling very pleased with himself. He was happy, and so were all his passengers; except, of course, for one. But the following morning, the grumpy passenger was not on the platform."
  • Buster: Hello, Buzz. Isn't it time you set off?"
  • Buzz: Aye, but one of my passengers is very grumpy indeed if he misses his ride."
  • Mark Moraghan: The grumpy passenger had slept through his alarm clock and was running late."
  • Princiapl Rochester: Hold that kid!
  • Mark Moraghan: So Buzz waited on the platform, even after the guard had blown his whistle."
  • Principal Rochester: Oh, yes! I just made it."
  • Buzz: Ha! Well, he cannae say he has anything to complain about this morning."
  • Mark Moraghan: But the other passengers were not so happy because now they were late, and the stationmaster was cross too."
  • Rikochet: Oh, hurry up, Buzz! Get of the way! You've made me late too, and my passengers are not happy about it."
  • Mark Moraghan: Everyone was complaining."
  • Principal Rochester: Oh dear! Oh, uh, this is not good enough. Oh, yes, of course. Oh dear. You call this YTV? Oh, dreadful. Everyday something goes wrong. So predictable! Seats uncomfortable. Characters are running late. Ah, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear!"
  • Mark Moraghan: Buzz was trying to make up for lost time when he came across the workmen once again."
  • Buzz: "I cannae be late! I cannae hear any more complaints!"
  • Workmen: (Protesting indistinctly)
  • Buzz: I cannae seem to do anything right today."
  • Mark Moraghan: At the end of journey, Lone Star was waiting for Buzz.
  • Buzz: Sir, I know what you're going to say, and I'm truly sorry."
  • Lone Star: Thank you for saying so, Buzz. But why did you take Rikochet's mermaids and speed through the pathworks and ignore the guard's whistle?"
  • Buzz: Because of that grumpy passenger, sir! I was trying to stop him complaining."
  • Lone Star: Buzz, I know that passenger well. He's always grumpy, and he always find something to complain about. But today, you made everybody grumpy."
  • Buzz: Yes, sir. I, I know, sir."
  • Lone Star: From now on, you must do your best to ignore that man, and get on with doing your job properly."
  • Buzz: Well do. Thank you, sir."
  • Mark Moraghan: That evening, when Buzz passed the men working on the path, he decided to slow right down."
  • Workmen: "Thanks Buzz! Thanks for slowing down! That's more like it!"
  • Principal Rochester: Oh, come on! Hurry up! I'm going to be late for my tea!"
  • Buster: Evenin' Buzz. It's surprising to see you smiling at the end of a busy day."
  • Buzz: But I've had a good day, Buster. Today, I learned a very important lesson. I'm going to change my ways and be a different dwarf from now on, just you wait and see!
  • Buster: Really? You mean you're going to stop grumbling once and for all?"
  • Buzz: No, I mean I'm going to stop listen to that grumpy old passenger, and just get on with being really useful."
  • Buster: Good for you, Buzz! Good for you!"
  • Buzz: All right, all right. I'm goin'. Stop grumbling, indeed. It's not me who's always grumbling. Ouch!" (Gasps) "There goes my wobbly foot again." (Sighs) "I know this would happen. Why do people always think it's me who's always grumbling? I mean, I've never grumbled in my life! Me, grumbly? Don't think so!"

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