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Yow! This is a little Scratchpad Bwziwi Wiki becomes.

The following content was ported from it's previous position - and a little bit edited.

Wiki of BWZiwi

This wiki (scratchpad) in other languages:


This is a little Wiki under construction. It's not so cool yet, but i'll try to make it better. It schould be in russian language, so ready content will be first of all in russian language, but test content will be only in english.

What is this Wiki about? What is it made for?

This wiki is about problems - with whatever. Do you have problems at school? Or you have no job but you want to have one? Or perhaps you want to die because of that damn bureaucracy with it's damn papers? Then this wiki is for you. Just arrived in a new country and wanna learn it's language and culture and find a job but don't know how and where? Welcome. Or perhaps you're just searching for courses on some special topic to learn something interesting but can't find anything? Look here - perhaps you'll find something useful for you. It's aim is to help people to solve their problems.

At the beginnig, i thought this wiki will be a part of a larger web ressource that is sreving the same things - Now i don't know. We wil see it. Perhaps it will be some kind of "concept project" to let us see "where the way goes" for it is something new, other than anything else. of school. That was the hell... And - many of russian speaking people in Germany have no job. So i know what it is to be a russian speaking man in Germany - you have problems then. That's why i wanted to create a web ressource to help russian speaking people - many of them have problems, and if they have problems - tose are real problems. I wanted to help those peoplewho really need the help.

One of the topics this Scratchpad wiki is about is handled by an other wiki, too - [[1]]. But, maybe, in another way. We'll see it.

Now we are just at the start, and the wiki is not so good organised, but i think it will be not a problem for us. We'll make it better. Currently there are only two developers, both in Nuremberg, so we can only write about something in Nuremberg, Germany - about something we know. If you know about something usefull and helpfull somewhere else - feel free to write ( if you want).

What is useful


Some links for ressources which could be useful for

This Wiki is under construction. Sorry if i did something wrong - this is my first wiki. I can make it better only in my free time - i have not very much of it...

If i did somoething wrong, i'll try to make it better.

Err... i didn't aim to make any reclame for something. I thought i can create a wiki as a part of something.

At the moment, i'm searching for people who will edit this wiki, too - in the forum i often visit.

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