It all started 8 years ago a rapper name Cmoney The Great from a little town called Springfield Massachusetts first fell in love with hip hop i remember watching tv and see all the rappers with the big houses the nice cars and all the girls i was like hey i bet i could do that so i started rapping at the age of 9 ever since then i been working hard and getting in deeper with this hip hop i use to wanna become a rapper cause i wanted the money and girls but now its more than that i love the feeling of the music and hip hop history means so much to me such as artists inspire me 2pac Big Daddy Kane Dj Cool Herc K.R.S1 Ericb Rahkim B.I.G Emeniem jay z Nas Fabolous Young Jeezy T.I Kanye West Common Cassidy BigL 50 Cent when i think of hip hop those names come up those people set the bar and did alot of things for the state of hip hop the game would'nt be the same if they was not apart of it and i wish one day my name could be added to those few so what that being said lets make history

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