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Chinese Association Martial Arts


Chinese Association Martial Arts (CAMA) was originally concieved as a performance group for the Chinese Association at University of California Irvine (CAUCI, or CA for Chinese Association as it is more commonly known) during the 2003-2004 academic year for the express purpose of performing for CA's annual Culture Night. It now serves as a martial arts advocate group, auditioning people of the UCI community to become full demo team members, supporting a body of interested or aspiring martial artists by operating practices, and performing for the Orange County area.


2003-2004 In the 2003-2004 academic year at UCI, a group of students with various martial arts backgrounds gathered specifically to perform for CA Culture Night (CACN) '04. The group was backed by the show's producers, Casey Chiu and Caroline Chang, who desired a martial arts segment for the performance. In its initial stage with little more than 11 primary members and several extras trained mere weeks before the performance, CAMA put on their first Culture Night performance to much lauded success. Two principal members, Andrew Lim and Chun Sheng Wang, decided to further the cause by making it a branch organization underneath the umbrella of CA, to get a head start in launching a full-fledged martial arts club. The following 04-05 year became the first official testbed year for a newly elected board of CA who watched carefully over the co-coordinatorship by Lim and Wang.


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