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What is CBBQA:

The California Barbeque Association (CBBQA) is a non-profit (501 c 3), California corporation. Its mission is to help needy children by promoting an understanding and appreciation of authentic barbeque. We also, organize, support and promote many events that give aid to the children and families of our U.S. Troops.

The word and method:

Barbeque -- both the word itself and the cooking method -- were used by Native Americans before the Spanish explorers arrived in 1492. The Native Americans in the Caribbean gave the word "barbeque" and taught the cooking method to the early explorers, who returned and popularized it in Europe. Sixty years later, English colonists brought the word and cooking method back to North America, where it has been enjoyed ever since.

Authentic Barbeque:

Unfortunately, few Americans today have ever seen or tasted real, authentic barbeque. Authentic barbeque means meat or other food (like fish and vegetables) which is cooked in the heat and smoke of wood coals. Most Americans grill over gas rather than barbeque.

Wood coals:

The essence of barbeque, then, is the heat and smoke produced by wood coals. Ovens, stoves, boiling water, liquid smoke and gas grills cannot produce the unique appearance, taste and texture which are imparted by the heat and smoke of wood coals. Food scientists (at least so far) have not come close to using chemistry to produce an artificial barbeque that would fool anyone.


The Association hosts, sponsors and sanctions picnics, festivals, contests, classes and other barbeque events throughout California. The Association uses these events to promote an understanding and appreciation of authentic barbeque while helping children. The Association also, maintains a website ( for the benefit of its members and the public to provide information about barbeque, upcoming and past events, and ways that needy children can be helped by the barbeque "Q'munity". The CBBQA website has had over 100,000 “views” recorded in a single month. On a given Saturday, there were 10,000 “views” needless to say; many folks are seeking information about Traditional American Barbeque.

At barbeque events, including picnics, contests, demonstrations and Q-Fests (festivals), the Association staffs a Visitors Information Center to present an introduction to authentic barbeque. At the center, Association members greet visitors, explain a little of the history and art of barbeque, provide tours of the contest area, and provide other assistance to visitors. In many cases the President will be at or near the Visitors Information Center Booth.


CBBQA keeps membership costs down; only $36.00 a year which includes a national barbeque newsletter. It is through Sponsors that many of the Associations events are funded. CBBQA offers, promotional opportunities to Sponsors at these events, which include, but are not limited to sponsorship acknowledgements, via Newsletters, Newspapers, Radio, TV, and internal promotional media methods. Banner ads, links from the CBBQA website along with articles relating to the event are published, in some cases nationally. Since we are a 501 c 3 corporation CBBQA can provide a tax deductible donation receipt to sponsors.

Among the Association's charitable events are barbeque picnics for several California-based Marine Corps battalions and their families. These picnics honor our fighting forces and their families and are organized in cooperation Operation BBQ For Our Troops.

Membership in the Association

There are two levels of membership in the Association:

   * Regular membership (including individuals and spouses)
   * Business membership

Each individual member and each couple who share a single membership pay only single dues as an individual or joint regular member. In the case of spousal memberships, both share the membership, so both receive a membership card, business cards, and other benefits, although they share a single copy of the Smokin' Times newsletter which is part of the National Barbeque News publication. Furthermore, spousal members are entitled to cast a single, "joint" vote at membership meetings. There are two levels of membership in the Association:

Members are classified as Regular members (whose dues are $36.00 per year) and Business members (whose dues are $72.00 per year).

Benefits of membership include invitations to special events, discounts on cooking and judging classes, monthly newsletter, and many others, as explained on the benefits page.

California Barbeque Association, Inc (CBBQA, Inc.) 675 N. Euclid Street, PMB 234 Anaheim, CA 92801-4611 888-750-7834 This number accepts Fax's

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