The Climate Camp London neighbourhood network meets every Tuesday evening, 18:30 for a prompt 19:00 start, ending at 21:00, usually followed by a retiring to a local pub. We encourage all citizens concerned about minimising Catastrophic Climate Change to attend - you're welcome to join us in discussing the following issues.

Meeting Agenda Noticeboard

Here's where we can all see how the Agenda for our next Tuesday evening organising meeting is shaping up, and add Agenda Items by editing the appropriate section.

CC.LDN.meeting Tue 23 Sep 08

This will be the first of our Working Group Meetings – see New Meeting Mode – The Working Group Meeting below for more info. I suggest that each Working Group Agenda needs to begin by defining its Purpose, Aims, and Domains. Since we have no direct Agenda Item Requests for the Working Group Agendas (yet), I suggest that once a facilitator has volunteered, s/he asks for agenda items and draws up an ad hoc agenda on the evening itself.

(0-ALL) Whole Group Plenary Session Agenda, Part #1 {6 mins – 19:00-19:06}

  • Intro – Dalinian {2 mins – 19:00-19:02}
  • We've already agreed on for Working Groups: Action, Outreach, Research & Social. Connie Ramos' Proposal: New Working Group: "Process" would create a fifth – and if we consider it before breaking into our parallel Working Group Agendas, then if it gains consensus backing, it can begin on the same terms as the four to which we have already agreed. The other Whole Group Plenary Session Agenda items can follow in Part #2, after our parallel Working Group discussions, but the logical place for this one is at the top of the Whole Group Agenda.
  • Proposal: New Working Group: "Process" – proposed by Connie Ramos, seconded by Dalinian {4 mins – 19:02-19:06)
  • "I would like to suggest that we should have a process working group too. This is somethign that's happening on a national level and helps working groups to communiate, keep an eye on the forward momentum of things, and generally try to facilitate the smooth runnin gof the group when other people have their energies focussed in other areas. I don't think it matters that we don't have an email address and stuff for this at this point in time, and it may turn out that people don't feel it's necessary, but I think quite a few people will want to put their heads together on this." ~ Connie Ramos

(1-WG) Parallel Working Group Meetings (64 mins – 19:06-20:10}

(1-A) Action Working Group Agenda

  • Defining our group's Purpose, Aims, and Domains

(1-O) Outreach Working Group Agenda

  • Defining our group's Purpose, Aims, and Domains
  • Speaker Training Workshop
  • "At the Saturday gathering I volunteered to approach COIN (the Climate Outreach and Information Network - Dalinian) about whether they could run a speaker training session for us ahead of the rolling blockade. The idea is that those who are up for going out and speaking to FoE groups etc to encourage their members to join the 'rolling blockade' would get all trained up and then get out there and do it. I've just spoken to George Marshall at COIN. He said:
  • they are happy to offer us one, 3 hour session
  • we would not need to pay (though I'm sure a whip round would be appreciated)
  • Tim (the boss of COIN who lives in London) would probably deliver it if it were in London
  • the session would be largely based on the training session George did for us a few months before this year's camp which was aimed at getting people to the camp.
  • The group needs to decide:
  • do we keep this just to London or have this happen at a future national gathering?
  • when would we want to have this?
  • Let me know what the group decides and i can get back to him or it may be easier for someone who is at the meeting to do this. His email is Let me know either way.
  • Cheers all - hope you're all well!" ~ Richard Howlett

(1-P) Process Working Group Agenda

(assumption: Connie Ramos' Proposal: New Working Group: "Process" gains consensus backing in (0-All) above)

  • Defining our group's Purpose, Aims, and Domains
  • Proposal: Meeting Agendas Noticeboard (aware that this falls under "Process") – proposed by Dalinian
  • Since all our current activities are open to all-comers, and are legal, honest, decent & truthful, I want to recommend that we pin up the Agenda(s) for the next Tuesday's organising meeting on an online Meeting Agendas Noticeboard. I'm modeling this proposal right here as best I can (despite being away from home 4 days this week) to give folk an experiential feel for how it works. We still ask for an Agenda Focus Person in each meeting, who tells the 270 folk on the climatecamp-london@lists.riseup.met list that and Agenda Item Request can either
  • be sent by email directly to the Agenda Focus Person
  • edited directly into the appropriate Agenda on our Meeting Agendas Noticeboard
  • The Agenda Focus Person will:
  • copy-&-paste Agenda Item Request sent directly to her/him into the appropriate Agenda on our Meeting Agendas Noticeboard
  • take responsibility for prioritising the ordering of the Agenda(s)
  • set out the person or people responsible for each Agenda Item
  • tag items with timings
  • ~ dalinian 18:59, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

(1-R) Research Working Group Agenda

  • Defining our group's Purpose, Aims, and Domains

(1-S) Social Working Group Agenda

  • Defining our group's Purpose, Aims, and Domains

(2-ALL) Whole Group Plenary Session Agenda, Part #2 {50 mins – 20:10-21:00)

  • Announcements: Working Groups Feedback – Working Group spokesperson x 5 {10 mins – 20:10-20:20}
  • One minute each for a spokesperson from each Working Group to summarise their discussion: Purpose, Aims, Domains, decisions, etc, &c.
  • Decisions: Manchester National Gathering Agenda: CC.LDN's Input – proposed 20 mins by Jonathan Stevenson {20 mins – 20:20-20:40}
  • "One quite big agenda item for next week I'd say is the agenda for the national gathering, which should be available in time for the meeting. It would be good for people who can't make it to Manchester to have a chance to discuss some of the things up for debate and feed in to people who are going. To a certain extent I think this can be done by email between when the agenda is available and next weekend via a contact point, eg. me, but I think it would be good to have a conversation at a London meeting about it too if possible. Realise this isn't ideal given it's a working groups meeting, but maybe up to 20 mins of the plenary bit? Depends on the agenda items I guess - and whether any of them can be discussed by working groups." ~ Jonathan Stevenson
  • Presentation: Ideas for Email List Usage – by R {15 mins – 20:40-20:55}
  • "I've also seen how dealing with the email lists actually means thinking about the whole way camp runs, as has Roger, and I'll present with all these ideas on Tuesday, as was agreed at the last meeting." ~ R
  • Please send your ideas about how we may make best use of email lists to R. ~ dalinian 19:50, 21 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Announcements {2 mins – 20:55-20:57)
  • Any Other Business {3 mins – 20:57-21:00}

New Meeting Mode – The Working Group Meeting

Beginning with the meeting on Tue 23 Sep 08, we will alternate our Tue evening meetings between two modes:

  • Whole Group Meeting - where we all meet in the same venue, 18:30 for a prompt 19:00 start, and spend all of the next two hours in a plenary session, ie: one big meeting (this is how we've conducted our Tue evening meetings up till now)
  • Working Group Meeting - where we all meet in the same venue, 18:30 for a prompt 19:00 start, and spend most of the next two hours split up into our four Working Groups, with a minority of this time set aside for business that needs a plenary session

On Tue 23 Sep 08, we'll hold our first Working Group Meeting.

I have volunteered to compile Agenda Item Requests, which means if you want an issue to be discussed next Tue, I need you to email your Agenda Item Request to me. Because it'll be a Working Group Meeting, we will in effect have FIVE agendas for the evening, the first four of which will run in parallel at the same time bur separated in space:

  • (1-A) Action Working Group Agenda
  • (1-O) Outreach Working Group Agenda (including Speaker Training Workshop group, I'd suggest)
  • (1-R) Research Working Group Agenda
  • (1-S) Social Working Group Agenda
  • (2-ALL) Whole Group Plenary Session Agenda

So I invite you to categorise each of your Agenda Item Requests in to one of these five Agendas, and email them to me – tim.dalinian.jones (and NOT to the list) for prioritisation and compilation. Since I'll be pinning up the Agenda Items on the Meeting Agenda Noticeboard above, you are at liberty to cut out the middle man and edit your item into the appropriate Agenda above. ~ dalinian 19:50, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

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