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Do please feel free to play around here – creative play is an excellent way to get familiar with how wiki editing works. To get you started, here are three suggestions to try out while you're here.

(1) Add or edit some text

To begin, just:

  • click the Edit tab at the top of the page; or
  • click the [ edit ] link to the right of the Sandbox Ahoy! section heading below
  • try out some simple wiki mark-up:
  • for section headings, use matched pairs of flanking equals signs, eg: === Sub-Topic Heading === gives a level three sub-heading
  • for italic, bold, and bold-italic emphasis, use matched pairs of flanking single-quote characters - two, three and five respectively, ie: ''italic'', '''bold''', and '''''bold-italic'''''
  • button it down correctly - NB:
  • the (Show preview) button shows what your changes will look like
  • the (Save page) button saves the updates you just made to Wikia's wiki serrver

(2) Upload a picture or graphic

  • while in page editing mode - (1) above - click on the New! Add Images link
  • click on the (Browse) button and choose an image file, usually one on your local hard disc drive
  • click on the (Upload) button
  • choose some Article Options and click on the (Insert Image) then (Return to Editing) buttons
  • remember to click on the (Show preview) button to examine your newly placed image in situ

(3) Create an internal and external hotlink or two

  • for an internal link to another page in - use double square brackets, eg:
  • for an external link to a webpage outside of - use single square brackets and a space separating web address from link word, eg:
    [ Wikipedia]

I hope these three simple examples will give you an experiential feel for the ease and simplicity of contributing to a wiki website.

We can begin the discussion as to whether collaborating via our own website is a useful direction for Climate Camp London on the climatecamp-london email list. Or, which I suggest would be more appropriate, we could use the 'About' page, where I've made a Discussion section, accessible here:
Discussion: A Wiki Website for Climate Camp London – Pros, Cons & Issues

Sandbox Ahoy!

Ready, stready, play!

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