"A group of us have (mostly!) put together the agenda for the Gathering. There were lots of proposals! Below you will find a summary of the gathering agenda, and a summary of the proposals that groups and individuals sent in, which formed a basis for setting the agenda. We are also attaching a document that includes all the proposals written out in full, but this is 13 pages long so we understand not everyone will have time to read it.

If you are coming, please email manchester [at] if you haven't already so we'll have an idea of numbers, especially if you will be needing accommodation! And for more info generally go to!

If you get a chance please discuss the attached proposals in your neighbourhoods in advance of the gathering.

See you at the Gathering,"

~ Process and Manchester Groups
in Agenda for Manchester on climatecamp [at] (login required for access)


Many thanks to the Process and Manchester Groups for the work they've put in so far in assimilating and consolidating the many proposals into a coherent Agenda. Unfortunately, in the course of making a more usable hotlinked version of our Agenda, cross-referencing the Agenda Items In Full document, I've found several inconsistencies between

Although I'm not (yet) part of the national Process Working Group, I'll do what I can to improve this situation and get these gaps filled in as soon as possible.

~ dalinian 11:10, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

Summary of Gathering Agenda

Saturday 27 Sep 08 10:30-18:00

  • Welcome, explanation of how the weekend will work, and going through the agenda
  • Feedback from Working Groups about the 2008 Climate Camp process
  • Legal update
  • Finance update
  • Feedback from Neighbourhoods about the 2008 Climate Camp process


  • Our Process for Making Decisions and Working Together

  • Kingsnorth Blockade Discussion, Part #1
  • Background info
  • Looking at concerns about the blockade and ways to address them

  • Other Events, Proposals, and Projects – Intro
  • Quick (30seconds each!) – Shout-outs of other events, proposals, and projects
  • There will be time to discuss those that people are most interested in on Sun PM
  • There are 11 proposals in this section, they are listed in the Summary of Proposals section called Other Events, Proposals, and Projects below
  • If you are interested in getting involved with one or more of these Events, Proposals, and Projects, then this Quick Shout-out is a good opportunity to put a face and name to those folks who you'll need to hook up with to ask for more info/make a suggestion/register your interest/etc, &c.

Sunday 28 Sep 08 11:00-17:00

  • Kingsnorth Blockade Discussion, Part #2
  • Concrete discussions of how to move forward, and challenges we will face, divided into 4 areas:
  • Base camp
  • Action planning
  • Networking, media, and outreach
  • Process, coordination, finance, other administrative stuff

  • Our Politics/Beliefs/Core Principles


  • Other Events, Proposals, and Projects

  • Review Session
  • Review together the key points and decisions from the weekend
  • What hasn't yet been decided
  • What work needs to be done

  • Announcements

  • Wrap up and goodbye!

Summary of Proposals

This is a quick summary of the proposals to make it easier to take them all in, but of course in summarizing something in just a line or 2 a lot of the ideas are lost, so I'd encourage people to read the full proposals if you have time: Agenda Items In Full PDF, 192KB, pp14.

The authors of the proposals will have a chance to (briefly!) outline their proposals at the gathering. To make this easier to follow we divided the proposals into 4 broad sessions:

  • Kingsnorth Blockade Discussion – Part #1 on Sat PM, Part #2 on Sun AM
  • Our Process for Making Decisions and Working Together – on Sat PM
  • Our Politics/Beliefs/Core Principles – on Sun AM
  • Other Events, Proposals, and Projects – on Sun PM

Kingsnorth Blockade – Proposals

1. Permanent Kingsnorth Camp

2. Direct Action Pledge

Our Process – Proposals

3. Process Group Remit

4. Limit Closed Groups

  • Climate camp groups cannot be secret, closed, or 'invite-only' unless this is absolutely necessary in order for that group to complete its tasks.
  • Full proposal: 1. Closed Group Proposal in Agenda Items In Full, p9

5. Representation at Gatherings

  • Only representatives or spokes are allowed to take part in decision-making at Climate Camp gatherings.
  • The groups could be, for example, Plane Stupid or Rising Tide.
  • If people came to the gathering as individuals the individuals could get together and choose one person to represent them.
  • Individuals would still be allowed to go to gatherings, but just to watch, not speak.
  • Full proposal: 2. Representation at Gatherings in Agenda Items In Full, p9

6. Hierarchy and Entryism

  • There was a request for discussion on 'hierarchy and entryism'.
  • 'Entryism' means people or groups trying to use the resources/energy of the Climate Camp group to advance their own agenda.
  • Full proposal: 3. Hierarchy in Agenda Items In Full, p10

Our Politics/Beliefs/Core Principles – Proposals

7. Principles of Unity

  • Agree to a set of principles similar to the PGA Hallmarks.
  • Full proposal: 2. Principles of Unity in Agenda Items In Full, p11

8. Anarchist and Non-Hierarchical Principles

  • Explicitly anarchist and non-hierarchical principles should be reiterated and adopted by all Climate Camp groups.
  • Full proposal: 3. Letter written to Neighbourhoods at Climate Camp 08 in Agenda Items In Full, p11

9. Media Guidelines

  • Create a set of 'media guidelines' - any interviews/flyers/posters or other communications from the Climate Camp must be within these guidelines - to make sure that the message put out in media or in publicity materials is agreed by the camp as a whole.
  • Cannot be found in Agenda Items In Full

10. Basic Political Stance

  • Agree to a basic political stance.
  • Full proposal: 1. Earth First proposal (ratified at the Summer Gathering) in Agenda Items In Full, p11

Other Events, Proposals, and Projects

11. Climate Change in the City/Urban Convergence

12. Another Large Scale Event

13. Day of Action against E.ON

14. Department of Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform

  • Full proposal: 4. Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) in Agenda Items In Full, p4

15. Localities

16. Giant Climate Action Gathering

17. Northern/Scottish Camp

18. Day of Action Against Green Capitalism

19. Danish Climate Camp

20. Copenhagen Caravan

21. UK based action for Copenhagen

  • Full proposal: 11. UK based action for Copenhagen in Agenda Items In Full, p7 for the widowed title, p8 for the content

Proposals In Full

You can download a 14-page 192KB PDF file from Agenda Items In Full

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