The Documentation Unit hosts analytical papers on documented incidents for the purpose of deriving historical lessons that may lead to the improvement of CEM implementation of management by objectives in and around ICS structures and deployed resources.

Documentation Unit Index

Principles of Emergency Management

EM Vision, Definition, Mission, Core Principles

Issues, Principles and Attitudes

IS study guides

IS-100 Study Guide

IS-200 Study Guide

IS-340 Study Guide

IS-700 Study Guide

entire course zipped

IS-139 entire course zipped

short analytical essays

Short analytical essays on various topics relating to CEM, ICS/NIMS, and the NRF. Topics in areas of interest include but are limited to:

The "Plain English" ICS communications standard and spontaneous volunteer-ICS integration
Citizen and NGO participation in Hazard Mitigation, Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery
All-hazard Local Emergency Response under the NRF
Historical review of miltary command and staff systems as ICS precursors - derived historical lessons on improvements in efficiency and strategic superiority
The exercise cycle and effective resource training: computer applications and emulation of FCS. Effective modeling of ICS resources and FCS assets for progressive-complexity tabletop exercising of ICS command and staff structures in the local FCS support role.

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