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1 First Things First 1.1 Employee Number Your employee number is essential for all requests, orders and employee discounts! If you don’t already know it, ask your line manager or Graduate Program Manager. 1.2 Cost Centres While in the Graduate Program, company expenses will be allocated to either your current rotation cost centre, or the Graduate Program cost centre. It would be a good idea to ask both managers what the cost centres are, and take note of the code for future reference. 1.3 Phone & Desk Location Take note of your desk location and phone number, as this is important information you will need to share with others who might need to contact or send something to you. 1.4 Important Contacts Initially, the most useful contacts you will have are your Graduate Program Manager, your “buddy” and your Line Manager. Contact them if you have any problems, questions or just need support. If you can’t find a phone number, try using Outlook to find them (discussed in section 3.6).

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