The Commission for the Preservation of the Imperial Republic (COMPIR), is a political and governmental organization of the Imperial Republic, considered just as important as the Supreme Council of Twelve, the Senate of the Imperial Republic, and the Imperial Republic Security Force. The civilian functions of the Republic government, such as collecting taxes, preparing government budgets, scientific research and development, public education and schools, the welfare state, etc. are the main jurisdiction of COMPIR. Some COMPIR members do aid the Imperial Republic Security Force in the IRSF's police and even military work.

Any citizen of the Republic and even many foreign residents living within the Imperial Republic can join COMPIR. Working for COMPIR for five years is one way a non-citizen can gain Republic citizenship.

COMPIR is under the leadership of it's Select Committee. The Select Committee is composed of the twelve members of the Supreme Council of Twelve, twelve members randomly selected by lottery from the ranks of the Senate, and twelve members elected by the rank-and-file membership of COMPIR itself.

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