COZI Toons Channel (Annie The Smart Female Genius) is Pikachufreak's idea where Annie The Smart Female Genius airs on Disney XD.


  • Kelly Stables as Annie Roberts - the titular protagonist of the series
  • Sherry Lynn as Kimberly Roberts - Annie's 5-year-old Sister
  • Kari Wahlgren as Emily Roberts - Annie's Mother
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Anthony Roberts - Annie's father
  • Frank Welker as Andrew - Annie's pet cat
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Johnathan Brooks - Annie's love interest
  • Jamie Lynn Spears as Ellie Cook - Annie's friend who has orange hair
  • Grey DeLisle as Brianna Anderson - Annie's other friend who has her hair dyed blue.
  • Christel Khalil as Martha Lambert - Annie's mean rival
  • Tara Strong as Alana Matthews - Annie's sweetheart teacher
  • Tom Kenny as Timothy Pickles - the steady principal of Seaport High
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Jolene Langley - Annie's next door neighbor
  • Jocelyn Loewen and Candi Milo as Sari and Mari McCormick - Identical twins with hair streaks
  • Lainie Frasier as Norbert Brooks - Jonathan's 5-year-old Brother


Season 1 (March 2013-July 2013)

  1. A Genius Story
  2. Crush, Slop and Turn
  3. The Affair Within
  4. Little Lies For Brianna
  5. Get To The Race Track
  6. Hooped Up
  7. Can't Get Any Credit
  8. Clearing Away The Incident
  9. Inside The Attic
  10. Seeing Things Properly
  11. Blind Elders
  12. Leaf It To Me
  13. Hear Me Rock!
  14. The Mastermind of Disaster
  15. Volunteering To Work
  16. Camping Out
  17. Slower Than A Turtle
  18. The Book of Secrets
  19. Mission: Reliable
  20. Her Maker's Choice

Season 2 (June 2014-October 2014)

  1. Just A Small Period
  2. Miss Matthews' Day Off
  3. Sparks Ablaze
  4. Kimberly's Fear of A Needle
  5. Busting Your Way Out
  6. Cooking With Ellie
  7. Major Times
  8. Election Showdown
  9. Running Like The Wind
  10. Cringed
  11. Learning To Be Nice
  12. A Virtue For Martha
  13. Much Ado About Homework
  14. Shout Out To Mrs. Roberts
  15. Bulls On The Loose
  16. Stuck In Medieval Ages
  17. Part Time Students
  18. Jolene Does Flamenco
  19. Whisked Away
  20. Timing It Correctly

Season 3 (September 2015-January 2016)

  1. Watching The Skies
  2. Blast It!
  3. Don't Tell Annie
  4. Glittering Drumsticks
  5. Overjoyed To Excitement
  6. Cheap Is Money
  7. Rodeo Brianna
  8. Hunters For The Hunted
  9. A Halloween For Annie
  10. Madness Beyond
  11. Teaching Kimberly
  12. Wrong Package
  13. Turkey Galore
  14. Wimps Don't Care
  15. Ellie Breaks A Leg
  16. Shrunken
  17. Annie's Christmas Tale
  18. A Genius New Year
  19. Technical Problems
  20. Norbert's Destiny

Season 4 (September 2016-January 2017)

  1. An Unexpected Attitude
  2. Heavy Meddle
  3. Clean Up Acts
  4. Disrespectful With That
  5. The Bridle Gossip
  6. Honking Carelessly
  7. The Golden Light
  8. Voyage To The Center of Kimberly
  9. A Giant Worm
  10. Trailing The Habitat
  11. Insulting Martha
  12. One Girl's Gift
  13. Leaning For The Victory
  14. Banned From Lying
  15. Grand Canals
  16. Kimberly's Ballet
  17. A Christmas Eve For Annie
  18. A Genius New Year's Eve
  19. Martha Is Busted!
  20. Annie's Graduation Party

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