COZI Toons Channel (Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes) is Pikachufreak's idea where Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes airs on Disney XD. Over three seasons with 78 episodes have aired altogether.


  1. Sophia Winterford (Tara Strong)
  2. Alya Winterford (Minae Noji)
  3. Amelia Winterford (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  4. Lolita Diamond (Vanessa Marshall)
  5. Amethyst Giger (Grey Griffin)
  6. Charleigh Greene (Mae Whitman)
  7. Madeline Voorhees (Lara Jill Miller)
  8. Betty Hawkins (Janyse Jaud)
  9. Lorry Coutts (Candi Milo)
  10. Master Jodie Castellaneta (Hynden Walch)
  11. Superintendent Bella Brewster (Minty Lewis)
  12. Mackenzie Lloyd (Linda Cardellini)
  13. Chloe Morrow (Kelly Sheridan)
  14. Mimi Monroe (Debi Derryberry)
  15. Bonnibel "Bonnie" Southeast (Colleen O'Saughnessey)
  16. Arlene Parks (Kathryn "Kat" Cressida)


Season 1 (2013-2014)

  1. New Girls @ School - 13-year-old female stereotypical friends optimistic prep girl Sophia Winterford and her friend the good-natured perky goth girl Lolita Diamond go to a school for the first time as they befriend 12-year-old nerd Amethyst Giger, tomboyish geek Charleigh Greene, and kindly adorable school basket-case-turned-happy outcast Madeline Voorhees. She remembers that she is sent to Interscope Records to become a talented singer. She also has to make a rivalry with Betty Hawkins, Queen Bee of Pinewood Middle School.
  2. Goth To Have Better Friends - Not to be confused to the Growing Up Creepie episode. Lolita befriends some goths, who can be perky sometimes, 12-year-old Caroline Stormwind, Josephine Grimsbro, and Hecuba Blackwood. They decided to create a Goth rock band, Suchlike Romance,
  3. Coup Voorhees* - Based on the All Grown Up! episode, Coup DeVille, Madeline is invited to a party with all of the popular kids from school. Meanwhile, a boy tries to be like her brother.
  4. Halloween with the Pinewood Middle School Students - The Pinewood Middle School students are ready for Halloween when Caroline and Josephine are going trick-or-treating along with the other students, despite being 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds.
  5. The Girly Gossip - Amethyst opens up a blog, but not try to spread rumors. Eventually, it was Ralph and his friend Cole who are to ones to be kicked out her mother's classroom upon spreading rumors about Cole's fanatic nerd lover.
  6. I Don't Karaoke! - Meghan hosts a karaoke party for the entire school and everyone's amused of that. When Sophia sings, she awarded her first prize.
  7. Friday Black Friday - Amethyst, Charleigh and Madeline start a Black Friday fund to help homeless poor people feel rich. They also help their mentor Ms. Clara Burghs (voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch) do real stuff. Meanwhile, Ralph and Cole have to hide from Mackenzie.
  8. American Lie - When Faith accuses Sophia for being a Goth for liking the Cure, Bobby uses the lie detector on who is telling lies. This causes Sophia and her friends feel unamused and unhappy, that includes everyone else. Meanwhile, Madeline has trouble cleaning up her room.
  9. Best Thanksgiving Ever! - It's Thanksgiving, and the other pre-teens and teenagers are having fun at Thanksgiving with their family members.
  10. Stage Frightened - Sophia is too scared to be in part of the Cinderella play so she decided to do it on her own anyway. It's up to Lolita to speak up for Sophia and deal with her ways.
  11. It Takes Two To Solve A Mystery - Sophia decided to invite a mystery club for everyone in the world, especially for pre-teens and teenagers.
  12. A Very Quintessential Christmas - When the Pinewood Middle School students enjoy their very own Christmas, they decided to open their presents, revealing to have electronic devices and toys.
  13. It's A Braces Thing - Hecuba gets braces on her own, but what if she was being called "ugly"? Meanwhile, Pinora is given a job: to garden the whole flowers at the greenhouse.
  14. Cape Cheer - Sophia becomes a cheerleader and is allowed to join a cheerleading squad.
  15. Coutt to the Chase - Lorry starts blackmailing and spreading rumors in order to get revenge on Sophia for accidentally making her miserable. With Betty's help, she must put things right before Master Jodie finds out.
  16. Call Her Jade - An exchange student from New York, Jadee Woods (voiced by Laura Bailey) goes to school to learn lessons about fitting in. She sometimes want to be a singer but was sent to Universal Records to become the biggest teen pop idol like Sophia is.
  17. Dear Diary - Pinora writes her own diary on how spreading rumors isn't that very good.
  18. The Sweet Princess' Birthday - Arlene turns 13 on her birthday until she becomes a teenager. She finds toys and electronics.
  19. Bad Zituation - Madeline gets a zit from her skin.
  20. Journal To The Center of the Earth - Caroline finds a mysterious journal, that belonged to her!
  21. Tooth or Dare - Sophia had lost her tooth and Emery has to do something on her mind!
  22. Mr. Stealyagirl - Bobby is jealous when someone stole Mackenzie, that leaves Sophia to be too obsessed to find out. At the end, it was Drake!
  23. Meghan and the Revenge on Louie* - Based on the Clarissa Explains It All episode, Clarissa's Revenge, After Meghan gets her first training bra, she tries to get revenge on Louie for showing her bra at school, using a plan involving a straitjacket and huge balloons. With her older brother Alexander's help, she must get Louie kicked out of Pinewood Middle School before Master Jodie finds out about the incident.
  24. Hecuba is Missing - When perky Goth girl Hecuba is missing, Caroline, Lolita, Sophia, and Josephine have to find her.
  25. Di-Gi-Oh! - The boys play a game for Di-Gi-Oh!, making Mackenzie jealous on how she feels.
  26. The Horrors at Camp Butterfly - The Pinewood kids are forced to go to Camp Butterfly, where happy campers live here. As they tell very strange and scary stories, some of the kids disappear. Lolita creates a strange séance that summons a ghost, which turns out to be fake. It turns out that something supernatural this way comes. At the end of the episode, Master Jodie simply fires Ranger Julia Masterson.

Season 2 (2014-2015)

  1. Perky Gothed Out - Sophia and Lolita have a fascination of Goth girls and fashion so they decided to be their on way of having a fascination of Gothic subculture.
  2. The Princess and the Blog - Lana Fulbright, a VideoTube user creates her baking vlogs, shopping vlogs, and video game vlogs so Sophia and Lolita decided to do it on their own.
  3. Sophia's Hook - After reading Simon's Hook, Sophia knows the ways of how to be avoided getting bullied.
  4. Small Mackenzie in Big Worlds - Madeline's science project goes awry when she accidentally shrunk Mackenzie! Two teen scientists, Ming Chong (voiced by Charlyne Yi) and Shareela Harveyton (voiced by Madeleine Martin) wanted to turn Madeline back to normal.
  5. Ralph and Cole In Jail - After accidentally robbing a prized necklace that Mackenzie was supposed to deliver it to her mother, Ralph and Cole both end up arrested and become prisoners for a year. Now, under the stern commands of General Blair Rochester (voiced by Jocelyn Loewen), they must find a way out of here before they could be in big trouble. 
  6. Sleep Over Your Dead Body - At Chloe's chateau, everyone is invited to a sleepover. Betty and Lorry decided to sabotage the sleepover, but things go out of hand.
  7. Keeping It Smoothie - Bonnibel's parents open a smoothie shop and everyone is going to like it. Ming and Shareela wanted to know the science of smoothies to help out Sophia.
  8. An Babysitting?! - Sophia and Lolita are forced to become a babysitting service while no one is around. Meanwhile, Amethyst is forced to be babysitted by a new babysitter despite when she was 12 years old.
  9. The Untouchables - Mimi's doll collection is missing and two of the dolls were disappearing, revealing that Mimi's house is haunted by ghosts who love to steal stuff. But then, Victoria Burtonschmeer arrives to help Mackenzie and the rest of the girls solve a paranormal investigation before Master Jodie comes back.
  10. May I Have This Dance? - Without either Sophia, Betty, Lolita or Lorry, this episode features Amethyst's first date with Arnold Royce, leaving Charleigh and Madeline on their own. Despite Scarlet and Rose Giger being the ones to be babysat, Amethyst's parents are away, too.
  11. Clique Online - Mackenzie starts a clique service to show Ralph and Cole how classy she would be. This makes both boys jealous at how she works. Meanwhile, Chloe Morrow finds herself in a wild bee chase.
  12. Show-and-Tell-That-To-Your-Students - It's the Show and Tell, and The students were excited. Hecuba wanted to have her Cold Topic stuff to it.
  13. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Prank Call? - Mimi's obnoxious 14-year-old brother, Aiden (voiced by Robbie Daymond) prank calls on Sophia's mother, Hecuba and Anita, and last but not least, Brie B. Sioux!
  14. Don't Cry, Amelia - Based on the Hoop-a-Joop episode entitled: Don't Cry, Anna, Sophia and Alya are left in charge of their 6-year-old sister Amelia, while their parents Jill and Thomas are at the anniversary. Despite Amelia's loud cries, the two seek help from Beulah The Therapist (voiced by Dee Dee Rescher).
  15. Jadee and the Fuzz on Science - Jadee meets up with Ming and Shareela, pre-teen scientists who love shopping so they decided to create a band called The Fuzz on Science.
  16. The Battle of The Bands - Sophia and Betty start a band campaign when guest stars The Spice Girls drop by to visit them. Meanwhile, Alya develops a crush on a teenage boy from her childhood days named Brick Wellington (voiced by T.J. Miller).
  17. Evicted! - After being evicted from a cheerleading team, Lana has decided to apologize to someone whoever evicted her. But with help from Master Jodie, things get difficult.
  18. Chains That Bind - Sophia overhears her parents having a conversation and mistakenly believes that they're planning to get rid of her and her friends.
  19. Taking Spare Times - After getting kicked out of the school by a maddened Master Jodie for breaking the molded sculpture, a guilt struck Cole arrives at Amethyst's house, making sure he'll spend a week with her. Meanwhile, Superintendent Brewster must deal with Mimi and Bonnie.
  20. Amelia In Wonderland - In this fairy tale spoof, Amelia is Alice, as she ventures through the looking glass, and finds it lucky for a lover.
  21. Redhead Rivalry - Mimi and Bonnie have a heated argument, and they refuse to be best friends. So, it is up to Emery Harrison to make a solution, as a private detective. Meanwhile, Charlotte catches a burglar and places him under arrest.
  22. A Very Bad Day For Madeline - Madeline would not stop crying! Much to her older brother's annoyance, she won't wail one more thing. Even a very indignant Master Jodie agrees to hear it. So Amethyst and Charleigh decide to cheer Madeline up by consoling her.
  23. Some Enchanted Morning - Kenneth Jamal (voiced by Phil LaMarr) arrives to meet up with Betty, and she develops a crush on him. So Ralph and Cole are forced to hang out with Master Jodie until she gets back. This is similar to The Simpsons' Season 1 episode: Some Enchanted Evening.
  24. Double, Double, Boil and Trouble - Charleigh has a very tough time trying to find her sneakers. So she poses as a girl in heels in order to make sure no one sees her. Meanwhile, Arlene gets all the credit when she finds a card for buying.
  25. Working Out For Free - Master Jodie has a day off when she goes on vacation with her family. She leaves Superintendent Brewster with Mackenzie and her friends. Meanwhile, Ralph and Cole befriend an Australian outback boy named Joshua Irwin (voiced by Paul Rugg)
  26. Crazy Maniacs - Mimi and Bonnie drink potions that drive them insane. They cause a series of mishaps, such as throwing Mackenzie's beret into the sea, breaking Ralph's glasses, and dropping slime on Cole instantly. Master Jodie decides to stop the two and punish them for contempt.

Season 3 (2015-2016)

  1. A New Neighbor - Sophia meets an orange haired girl named Carla Hudson (voiced by Dionne Quan) who has just moved to Pinewood with her two sisters 17-year-old Stacy Hudson (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) and 5-year-old Kerry Hudson (voiced by Eden Sher) and her parents Violet Hudson (voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch) and Donnie Hudson (voiced by Jim Rash). Meanwhile, Betty makes a deal while writing on her diary.
  2. Lorry Lorry - Lorry's rivalry with Lolita has come to the test when Master Jodie and Superintendent Brewster decide to place them in therapy sessions. This worries Sophia and the other Pinewood Students, along with Betty.
  3. Rumor Rumor - Betty could hardly hear that she is going to be banned from the cheering committee. So she hides from Master Jodie and goes to a place full of sushi food.
  4. Runnin' for Presidents - Sophia is now a president at her own school.
  5. Substitute Teacher - Mackenzie becomes teacher for a day after Mr. Lintwick's retirement and departure. She has secretly decided to make orders to Ralph and Cole, and make sure no one gets in her way. Meanwhile, Mimi and Bonnie go on a spray painting craze.
  6. Nerd or Noob? Do or Die! - When Amethyst styumbles upon a nerd who is fascinated with ghosts and is a paranormal expert, Victoria Burtonschmeer (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald), Victoria will guide to a hosts of obnoxious nerds, Jasmine Doodles (voiced by Jonquil Goode), Buster Shepard (voiced by Jeff Bennett) and Liberty McCall (voiced by Madisyn Shipman).
  7. The Bird Scene* - Based on a Victorious episode, Sophia does the Bird Scene.
  8. Fashion Victims - Sophia start a fashion show.
  9. Born To Be A Rebel - Alya decides to go bad and make havoc at Pinewood Middle School, causing Sophia to become mad with her. Meanwhile, Faith Hughes reports to Master Jodie that Mackenzie and her friends are having difficulties.
  10. Lolita Breaks A Promise - After a prank involving in dropping a bucket of water on a group of cheerleaders, Master Jodie decides to suspend Lolita and separate her from Caroline, Josephine and Hecuba. Meanwhile, a squadron of hamsters invade Ralph's and Cole's rooms.
  11. Equal Studies - Mimi and Bonnie make jokes about Sophia after she is tripped over by her big Goth sister Alya. However, Mackenzie doesn't see anything funnier on the side.
  12. Fractious Problems - Based on the Sailor Moon episode, Fractious Friends, Sophia gets into trouble when Alya and her rebellious female friends start a war. Meanwhile, Master Jodie finds a letter from a boy named Michael George.
  13. For The Honor of Lorry - Lorry is excited when her parents decide to make her a drama queen. This leaves Lolita jealous over her. Meanwhile, rumors are spread over Amethyst and Cole's relationship.
  14. Down In The Dumps - Based on the Dexter's Laboratory episode of the same name: Amelia is devastated when her beloved teddy bear, Mr. Bubbles, is accidentally fallen into a garbage truck. In order to cheer her up, Sophia, Aylia and their parents help Grandpa Deuce and Aunt Juliana find Mr. Bubbles and make her happy again.
  15. Girls On Strike - Mackenzie, Chloe, Mimi, Bonnie and Arlene are sick of Master Jodie's bossiness and they all decide to simply go on strike, leaving Sophia and the other Pinewood Students in deep, deep trouble. Meanwhile, Alya finds a pair of magical pink rubber gloves and dons them to go on a cleaning spree.
  16. Amethyst The Mariachi Singer - Amethyst is accepted into the Mariachi concert, and decides to make a song about Mexican culture by covering Cheyo Carreyo's No Es Normal, to which she titles it: It's Not Easy. Meanwhile, Charleigh and Madeline decide to do all kinds of chores by themselves.
  17. The Magic Act - Meghan becomes a magician for the magic show, in order to show her big brother Alexander how she can be. Meanwhile, Chloe gets into trouble with a punk named Rosie Rogers (voiced by Chantal Strand)
  18. Ralph and Cole's Big Break - Inspired by the Life With Derek episode, March Break, Ralph and Cole are all alone when Mackenzie goes to an all-girls party. Things go awry when the cable goes off.
  19. Air Ball - Louie is participated in a full basketball game, and decides to show Charleigh how he can play. Meanwhile, Betty and Lorry make marks about their friendships.
  20. Westbound Citizens - Mackenzie and her friends are ready to go westbound and they dive into action while Master Jodie and Superintendent Brewster are away. Meanwhile, Meghan investigates the missing parts of the equipment.
  21. Secretaries For A Day - Amethyst, Charleigh and Madeline become office ladies for a year and decide to spend a whole day without studying. Although they are working hard, they notice Mimi and Bonnie about to make a scheme.
  22. Amelia's Ballet Lessons - Amelia is happy to go to Ballet Class while Sophia and Alya are away. She befriends some little ballet girls who decide to make dance moves. Meanwhile, Master Jodie is suspiciously thinking about Ralph and Cole's actions.
  23. Attack of The Robot Students - An army of mean robots invade Pinewood Middle School, with the Pinewood Robot 3000 giving F's on all of the students. Master Jodie has decided to engage in a war before it could happen to her and the others.
  24. All Pumped Up - Alya is ready go for pro when she befriends a group of bikers who want to have fun. Sophia and Amelia are less than thrilled to hear about this, and decide to stop the insanity once and for all.
  25. A Pinewood Graduation - It is Graduation Day, and Sophia and her friends are finally ready to say goodbye to Middle School. Jill, Thomas, Grandpa Deuce and Aunt Juliana have announced that Pinewood Middle School is to be graduated.
  26. So Long and Good Night - It is time for a series finale, as Sophia and all of her friends remember the good memories they've had together. They also remind the viewers that it is time for their farewells, too.

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