Welcome to the Scratchpad Wikia version of CRAM Math.

CRAM Math (or College RAM Math) is a rigorous, axiomatic method (shortened as RAM) for use by any of the following:

  • New algebra students
  • Students reviewing algebra before taking a higher-level mathematics course
  • Students taking any course where Introductory Algebra is a prerequisite
  • Parents with teenagers begging for help with algebra homework.

CRAM Math was developed by JCGonzales during twenty-plus years of private tutoring for algebra students at the high school and college levels. CRAM Math has shown itself especially useful for remedial students who just didn't get it the first time around.

CRAM Math is centered on the idea that students do not have to thrash during homework or taking quizzes and exams. Thrashing is when a student guesses, calls the psychic friend's hotline, or resorts to cheating to pass the class. Thrashing involves lots of headaches and wasted time not doing other things because the student is stuck on a given homework assignment problem. Thrashing is a result of not knowing, and CRAM Math is designed to end the not-knowing of algebra. CRAM Math students become their own best resources during quizzes and exams, and some actually move on to tutor other students behind them as well. For those CRAM Math students, CRAM Math equals Quick Cash in the pocket!

  • This is FREE information. If you want to spend a lot of money on an on-line tutor, there are web sites that claim to have the most experienced tutors and will charge you up to $35 an hour or more for help with introductory algebra. Or you could get the same information here for free. You figure it out.
  • This version of CRAM Math will take the student through the basics of CRAM Math, which include a simple deductive logic for constructing proofs, the properties of equations, the properties of real numbers, and other basic definitions. For many students, this should be sufficient to make their own textbooks and assignments more understandable in order to prevent repetitive thrashing.
  • For students wishing more in-depth CRAM Math treatments of the entire first semester of Algebra I or for higher mathematics courses, the author is working his way through multi-media product development for future distribution at well under $50 per semester, a reasonable bargain compared to typical on-line tutoring costs.
  • CRAM Math Algebra I/II (two-semester treatment) should be ready for distribution during the Summer 2008 session. When ready, a link will be provided here for ordering.

Quick index

For new students, the best place to start is with is the CRAM Math Method followed by the First Thing to Know. Algebra as language is a restatement of the first thing, more in depth to give more insight to the student.

As part of the preliminaries in CRAM Math, it is important to understand what is deductive logic.

Once the student has a handle on using the simplified deductive logic, it is time to move on to the Rules of the Game:

For many students, the basics of CRAM Math (simplified deductive logic, properties of equations and real numbers) is enough to give them a good chance for passing the class on first impression or enough of a review as a preparation for a higher math class.


CRAM Math Fundamentals

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