• AT-2 "Thunder" (B)


  • Arisaka Compact (S)


  • SFC-1 "Werewolf" (B)

Sniper Rifles


Endurance Test

  • Length: 3 weeks
  • March at least 25 km a day in mountainous terrain with more than 25 kg on your back, while keeping your weapon in alert position.
  • Show extraordniary physical and mental strength.
  • March 64 km in 24 hours for the final test.

Jungle Test

  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Tough-as-nails training day and night.
  • Little or no rations - live off the jungle.

Evasion Test

  • Length: 48 hours
  • Avoid being captured after being dropped in a random area, while special forces with all available equipment is searching for you.
  • Avoid breaking during interrogation bordering torture.


  • Length: 24 weeks
  • Handle the probation without errors.

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