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There, are, at this moment, three actual CVP comics and about thirty or so 'smaller' comics.

CVP Comics

  • Sonic Logic by Shippiddge
  • Crossfire by Shadow Fox
  • Alive and Walking by Blade the Fox

Other Comics

  • Oblivion Chaos by Lord Ryu
  • Zeb's Comics by Zebesian
  • The Bored Club by B-Rad
  • Butters Never Melts by Butters
  • Exploding Idiots by Soulfire Bang
  • Little Ticking Time Bombs by Egnio (NOTE: Not really CFC, more DSP)
  • Comedy Team Comics by Blader
  • Madness by Lord Ryu

Canceled/Complete Comics

Comicles by Cloudy CMD vs CFC by Egnio

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