CVS/Pharmacy Store Level Structure varies somewhat based on the style of the Store and Regional Management, store size, and community; however most CVS stores follow the same general structure.

Store Level Salaried Positions

At CVS stores, the only salaried positions are;

- Store Manager (Or Training Store Manager, if a training store)

- Store Assistant Manager

- Pharmacy Team Leader (Pharmacist in-Charge)

- Staff Pharmacists.

All other titles are currently hourly wage positions

Management Structure

Store Management

All CVS stores are operated by a Store Manager. The Store Manager is a salaried position that also earns a bonus based on store performance. Store Managers have total operational control of the store and all of its departments; however the Store Manager is limited by law (to varying degrees depending on the state) as to what role they can play in the Pharmacy. Store Managers are not typically hired from outside the company. Managers of stores designated as training stores are Training Store Managers classified slightly higher than a Store Manager.

Below the Store Manager, in all but the smallest stores, is an Assistant Store Manager. The Assistant Manager serves as the second in-command of the store, managing the store in the extended absense of the Manager and running shifts. The Assistant Manager also serves as a primary development position for future store, field and corporate-level management positions. While it is not common, occasionally a store will have two Assistant Managers, this happens primarily in training stores. s

Extended Management Team - Store Supervisors

The Manager and Assistant Manager constitute the Store Management, however, there is an extended management team which includes several wage-earning supervisors. The highest of which is a Shift Supervisor A. Shift Supervisors A are supervisors that are elevated above their peers with extra store management and operations responsibilities and authority over lower supervisors. Shift Supervisors A are typically found in larger stores, training stores and stores without an Assistant Manager.

Shift Supervisor B is the most common supervisor, the primary responsibility is to oversee the store operation in the absence of Management and execute tasks assigned by management either directly or through their assigned team.

Overnight Shift Supervisor handles typical Shift Supervisor responsibilities on the Overnight Shift at 24-Hour CVS locations.

Extended Management Team - Department Supervisors

Also part of the extended management team are some positions responsible for the operation of a specific department of the store.

The most autonomous department head is the Pharmacy Team Leader, a Pharmacist that also takes on the management responsiblities of the Pharmacy Department and almost always serves as the Pharmacist registered on the pharmacy's state licence and other RX related state and federal documents. He/she handles all prescription-related management functions and also overlaps some other management functions such as personnel matters with the store management.

The Team Leader is assisted by Staff Pharmacists, which are in-charge of operating the Pharmacy and coordinating the staff during their shifts and a Pharmacy Lead Technician; a wage earning Support Staff member licenced with the state board as a Pharmacy Technician and certified nationally by the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) the Lead Technician helps coordinate the other support staff of the pharmacy and assist in managing the department.

The Photo-Lab Supervisor is the department head of a store's Photo Center. According to the photo Human Resources Guide the position is equivalent to a Shift Supervisor A. However the position was striped of the ability to perform management functions such as point of sale authorizations for reasons unknown, though it is speculated it may be due to photo performance suffering due to management abusing the Photo Supervisor's powers for general store use, causing them to lose focus on photo needs. The position is responsible for lab paperwork, merchandising, operations, staff training and development and other managerial and operational functions.

Beauty Department Head is the head of a beauty department of a CVS store, including the cosmetics section and other beauty products, and the beauty desk. This position is rarely found because most stores do not have large beauty departments, though CVS is focusing on developing this area of the business.