CWFamily58 (Takato Matsuki) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It is the current channel where Takato Matsuki (2003-current) aired. Over 13 seasons have and 338 episodes spanned in a full format. A 14th season is expected to air in the fall.

About The Show

  • It centers on Takato Matsuki (from Digimon Season 3), his parents Yoshie Matsuki and Takehiro Matsuki, his love interest Jeri Katou (also from Digimon Season 3), his best friend Ikki Tenryou (from Medabots) whose girlfriend and mother are Alicia Parker (from The Red Ribbon) and Chidori Tenryou, his teacher Nami Asaji (also from Digimon Season 3) and there's also Alicia's sisters and parents Jamie, Rena, Joanne and Ramon Parker (all also from The Red Ribbon).


  1. Takato Matsuki (Brian Beacock)
  2. Yoshie Matsuki (Kaya Matsutani)
  3. Takehiro Matsuki (Philece Sampler)
  4. Jeri Katou (Bridget Hoffman)
  5. Ikki Tenryou (Julie Lemieux)
  6. Chidori Tenryou (???)
  7. Alicia Parker (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  8. Nami Asaji (Lara Jill Miller)
  9. Jamie Parker (Lisa Yamanaka)
  10. Rena Parker (Julie Lemieux)
  11. Joanne Parker (Linda Rae)
  12. Ramon Parker (Brian Drummond)


Season 1 (2003-2004)

Season 2 (2004-2005)

Season 3 (2005-2006)

Season 4 (2006-2007)

Season 5 (2007-2008)

Season 6 (2008-2009)

Season 7 (2009-2010)

Season 8 (2010-2011)

Season 9 (2011-2012)

Season 10 (2012-2013)

Season 11 (2013-2014)

Season 12 (2014-2015)

Season 13 (2015-2016)

Production Companies

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