1. Finn

2. Matt Hardy

3. Amethyst

4. Homicide

5. Beast Boy

6. Godzilla

7. Ash Ketchum

8. Sin Cara (Luis Urive)

9. Revy

10. Pinkie Pie

11. Pearl

12. Cyborg

13. Kassius Ohno

14. Kim Possible (Surprise Return)

15. Princess Twilight Sparkle

16. Steven Universe

17. "Almighty" Joe Briscoe

18. Pac Man (Returning from Injury)

19. Discord

20. Gumball Watterson (Returning from Injury)

21. Johnny Test

22. Applejack

23. Mumbo Jumbo (Surprise Return)

24. Mick Foley (Surprise Appearance)

25. Fluttershy

26. Austin Aries

27. Kick Buttowski

28. Nobita Nobi

29. The Incredible Hulk

30. Samurai Jack

31. Omy

32. Android 18

33. Rarity

34. Rainbow Dash

35. AJ Styles (WINNER)

36. Corey Riffin

37. Garnet

38. Robin

39. Rin Okamura

40. Batman (Returning from Inactivity)


1. Homicide (Eliminated by Finn)

2. Godzilla (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

3. Ash Ketchum (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

4. Steven Universe (Eliminated by Kim Possible)

5. Amethyst (Eliminated by Revy)

6. Kim Possible (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

7. "Almighty" Joe Briscoe (Eliminated by Pac Man)

8. Mumbo Jumbo (Eliminated by Austin Aries)

9. Sin Cara (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno)

10. Mick Foley (Eliminated by Austin Aries)

11. Fluttershy (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

12. Pac Man (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno And Matt Hardy)

13. Discord (Eliminated by Tirek)

14. Kick Buttowski (Eliminated by Android 18)

15. Corey Riffin (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

16. Samurai Jack (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno)

17. Rarity (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno)

18. Garnet (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno)

19. Pinkie Pie (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

20. Pearl (Eliminated by Kassius Ohno)

21. Android 18 (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

22. Nobita Nobi (Eliminated by AJ Styles)

23. Omy (Eliminated by Austin Aries)

24. Beast Boy (Eliminated by Austin Aries)

25. Austin Aries (Eliminated by Cyborg)

26. Cyborg (Eliminated by The Incredible Hulk)

27. Johnny Test (Eliminated by Robin)

28. Applejack (Eliminated by AJ Styles)

29. Rainbow Dash (Eliminated by Matt Hardy)

30. Kassius Ohno (Eliminated by Batman And Robin)

31. Rin Okamura (Eliminated by Batman)

32. The Incredible Hulk (Eliminated by Matt Hardy, Robin, Gumball, And Batman)

33. Princess Twilight Sparkle (Eliminated by Robbie V)

34. Gumball Watterson (Eliminated by Robbie V)

35. Batman (Eliminated by Robbie V)

36. Finn (Eliminated by Robbie V)

37. Robin (Eliminated by Robbie V)

38. Matt Hardy (Eliminated by AJ Styles)

WINNER - AJ Styles

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