Aside from the annual CWMania PPV that first aired in July 1997, PPVs were introduced to the Cartoon Wrestling Federation after WWE Owner Vince McMahon purchased WCW And ECW In March 2001. All PPVs of CW air on HBO and Cinemax instead of the PPV Channel. 

Current PPVs

January: Hardcore Justice (Formerly Hardcore Heaven, changed to Hardcore Justice after CW's purchasing of TNA)

February: CyberSlam

March: Anarchy Rulz

April: Lockdown (Formerly Souled Out, changed to Lockdown after CW's purchasing of TNA)

May: Starrcade

June: Slammiversary (Formerly Heat Wave, changed to Victory Road after CW's purchasing of TNA)

July: CWMania

August: Road Wild

September: WarGames

October: Halloween Havoc

November: SuperBrawl

December: Bound For Glory (Formerly Anarchy Rulez, changed to Bound For Glory after CW's purchasing of TNA, causing Anarchy Rulez to move to March)

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