Cable was a Mutant.

Future Gone Bad

Cable was the son of the married couple of Wolverine, and Jean Grey, while Cyclops was dead at the time. The Sentinels from Sentinel:Project Upgrade attacked his family, while on vacation, and a small strike force of Bedlam, Bishop, Fantomex, and Shard, from the future came and rescued them.At the base, Bishop explained that Sentinels had over run the planet. All the other super heros were dead. The only surviving X-Men was X-23, who was a clone, made by the Weapon X agency. She led the resistance to the Sentinels. The members of the X.S.E. were Arclight, Beak, Blob, Blockbuster, Callisto, Caliban Sharon Carter, Ernst, Empath, Healer, Harpoon, Leech, Quicksilver Scarlet Witch, and Toad. All of these people lost something to the Sentinels, and the reason they went back into time to get the family there, the Twelve had been discovered, and the rest of his family was part of it. At the time Cable was ten, the Sentinel Genocide was in X.S.E. hands, and the war was almost over. Then a sentinel attacked, and vaperized Wolverine, and infected young Cable with the Nano-Sentinels, taking over his body.

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