A cable box booting process is the way your cable box re-boots/boots. here you will also learn Scientific Atlanta set-top box experiments. here is some I tried:

1. Press and hold SELECT while re-booting/booting: box will enter a special mode. the TV screen may say "Guardian". and the cable box LED display may display 2 lines move toward and away from each other. you may want to leave the TV alone for an hour or so, the box may upgrade and display "Fr.LA". if some wonder, the "Guardian" screen means that the set-top box is waiting for an upgrade signal. 2. press and hold SELECT and GUIDE while re-booting/booting: box will go into a re-flashing mode. the display may say "Auld" while the TV screen may just be blank. wait a few minutes and the box may go back into booting mode. then the time will show up, like usual.

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