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Ruler in 10 AF: Sir Sir Hendrick Cadifor
Ruler in 50 AF: Sir Michael Cadifor for the Old Kingdom Alliance, Gregory Mendell the axe for the rebellion
Symbol: White sheeps pelt on red for Michael Cadifor, Black axe on orange for Gregory Mendell
Population in 10 AF: >600
Population in 50 AF: <100 or so, constant warzone

Shared borders: Bassenheim to the northwest, Dimhold to the northeast, Payen to the east, Newton to the southeast, Netherfield to the south, Cronberg to the east

former major exports: wool, mutton, spices, corn and other vegetables
former major imports: tools and textiles
Natural features: Ellington river
Important Historical events: Once the breadbasket of the realm, this area is now a constantly shifting warzone between factions. Ownership of this region can be found on a daily basis.

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