The Sept of Hope from the Ashes is centered in a level 2 Caern dedicated to Hope, which is housed in one of the skyscraper of downtown New Hope. The building had been a newspaper building, publishing the New Hope Liberator. The spirit of the building and the city father have provided aid to the sept in exchange for the sept's agreement to restart the newspaper and restore the building, including the display of a large sign advertising the newspaper's existence. Subsequently, members of the Sept established a Caern in building, with the heart existing in the top of the tower. The Caern's totem spirit is Sea Drake.

The composition of the space within the caern is;

Fourth basement

Parking garage. The best parking space happens to also have a small sign that says "Reserved for Sergei, violators will be prosecuted by Session 9" on it.

Second and third basement

printers and loading docks

First basement

Machine room and Carter's room

1st floor

The main entrance and foyer.

2nd-3rd floors


4th floor

supply rooms

5-35th floors

Most of these floors are unused space. Some seem abandoned mid-renovation while others are simply offices that have been left unused for some time.

36th floor

Most of this floor has been given over to re-enforcement and stabilization of the building. Special attention has been given to load redistribution, particularly around the center of the 37th floor. A few nooks and crannies might hold special appeal for certain reclusive types, especially if couches and chairs made their way into certain room-like areas.

37th and 38th floor

These floors are given over to combat and challenge areas. This includes a large central area where the 38th floor was removed to create a "ring" that can accommodate Crinos-form combat.

39th floor

This floor seems to have, at some point, been given over to storage of what can only be classified as "anything that might have been used, might be have a use found for it, or was found on the side of the road." Known bits of "treasure" include something like 20 sets of bunk beds, fourteen or fifteen (empty) trunks, a few hundred ammo boxes (also empty), enough furniture to outfit a subdivision (if suburbanites wouldn't mind that it's shoddily upholstered), several incomplete sets of weights, and a few weight machines.

40th-50th floors

Each of these floors has some 15,000 square feet of office space which are set up for writers, editors, and other paper staff.

51st floor

The head offices and board rooms for the paper sit in about 12,500 square feet of office space.

52nd & 53rd floors

Caern Living Quarters

These two floors are comprised of living quarters for the Garou of the Sept. There is space for about 55, including 14 apartment-style spaces generally claimed by the sept elders, and some 40 beds in barracks-style group spaces. Laundry and kitchen areas are shared by Garou of all ranks who live in the Caern, but there are facilities for both on each floor. Similarly, those living in the barracks-type rooms have communal shower and toilet facilities.

Living Arrangements of the Sept of Hope from the Ashes

54th floor

Caern 54th floor

The last floor accessible by multiple elevators, this floor has several locked doors between the stairs/elevators and any significant rooms. It is primarily occupied by the relic room, honor hall, and a shrine to Sea Drake (which bears a striking, and not coincidental, resemblance to a viking mead hall). Like much of the building, there is significant space on the floor which has yet to be given a real purpose.

The 55th floor

the 55th floor is the caern heart.


Caern heart floor

This 100,000 square foot preserve sits atop the Caern's tower.

Caern heart

The top of the building had a glass enclosure but now it lays in shambles. The only entrances are the elevaters and a stair way on the west side of the enclosure. The walls rise up 10 feet before becoming the glass with thin steel webbing to keep in large 5X5 pains place. Though most of the glass is now missing.

The enclosure is filled with trees, flowers, and other flora but the elements are already taking their toll. Being exposed the the Massachusetts cold is quickly killing most of the delicate plants. In the very center is a large pool of water. It is normally a calm place but now with the cold wind and rain the pool roils and small waves lap at the stone sides.

Debris and the fallen remains of plants are every where. Two fallen flag poles at the North end have fallen over their flags burnt and lying in a sticky black ash that the rain so far has not washed away. Scraps of mettle and shell casing litter the area. Traces of blood can still be seen and the scorch marks from some kind of explosion has left a area of destruction in the south corner.


Here is the new umbral reprosentation of the cearn

Coming into the umbra you will find yourself on the top of a ice sheathed building. The top of the building is completely open to the elements with no walls and a thin covering of snow and ice on the ground. At the center of the open space is a frozen pool of water with a largish stone in the middle with carvings of eagles and an american flag, though it seems to have a crack down its center. To the left of the pool is a giant water spirit she seems unaffected by the cold and her stern feminine features seem too hard to be water. On the left side of the pool is a black tree with glossy black leaves sitting on it is a large flock of storm crows and occasionally one will fly off into the dark clouded sky.

Surrounding the building is a vast and endless ocean. Waves towering over 80 feet crash against the building and the water boils with turbulence. Above the ocean and Cearn all you can see is storm clouds. Rain, sleet, and snow fall at different times. Lightning occasionally flashed and of in the distance you can see multiple water spouts rolling through the water.

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