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I have mastered the art of the lucid daydream, the art of alterable consciousness. the world exists behind my eyes as well as before them. sober or not, I can change reality.

I see purple lotus flowers, blossoming bubbles in blues and greens that spill onto the ground and fill up the nothingness that was once there. telephone poles in my vast expanse of waterless seas with wires that stretch into infinity. the city skyline is black in the distance, the windows lit up yellow orange red with the sunset. the lights reflect off the ocean, resembling strings of christmas lights or white pearls. white pearls like the white pills that lighten my body until I can float across my infinite floors of seas and seas of floors. wood floors that are cracked and splintered and covered in the dust that filters through light pouring in the windows. shattered windows in a tiny room with lotus flowers scratched into the walls and coffee stains that have melted through the floor; revealing vast swamps of cypress and mire in the stories below, where the sun shines in rays through the tree branches and illuminates the water like stained glass church windows.

I have almost reached the kingdom. it's so close I can see it and feel it. it is the end. the anti-climax.

there is a good chance that I am enlightened.

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