• Clementine as Dora
  • Caillou as Boots
  • Leo as Swiper The Fox
  • Sarah as Isa
  • Xavier as Tico
  • Wendy as Backpack
  • Jason as Map
  • Rosie as Alexa, Dora's baby sister
  • Li Wun as Mei
  • Julie as Daisy
  • Rover the Dog as Perrito
  • Jeffery as Benny
  • Sailor Venus Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars (from Sailor Moon) as the Fiesta Trio
  • Andre as Diego
  • Gina (from Big Nate) as Amelie
  • Leaf (from Pokemon) as Yuki
  • Olie (from Rolie Polie Olie) as Roberto
  • Bubbles (From The Powerpuff Girls Z) as Chloe
  • add more here

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