Caillou In The Bathtub is an Caillou VHS Tapes from television Seasons

Episode Featured

Caillou In The Bathtub

Caillou Get Dressed

Caillou Learns To Swim

Caillou At The Beach

One Two Boom

Caillou's Bad Dream


  1. Warner Home Video Fbi Warning
  2. Coming To Theaters Logo
  3. Welcome To Moose port Trailer
  4. Clifford's Really Big Movie Trailer
  5. Coming Soon To Video & DVD Logo
  6. Angelina Ballerina Lights Camera Action Preview
  7. Barney Now I Know My ABC's Preview
  8. Bob The Builder The Live Show Preview
  9. Kipper Amazing Discoveries Preview
  10. Now Available On Video & DVD Logo
  11. Caillou's Holiday Movie Preview
  12. The Letter Factory Preview
  13. The Talking Words Factory Preview
  14. The Code Word Caper Preview
  15. Math Circus Preview
  16. Kiki's Delivery Service Preview
  17. Angelina's Princess Dance & Follow Her Dreams Preview
  18. Kermit's Swamp Years Preview
  19. Tom & Jerry Videos & DVDs Preview
  20. The Powerpuff Girls Movie Preview
  21. The Powerpuff Girls Twas The Fight Before Christmas Preview
  22. Caillou Toy Imports Dragon Commercial
  23. New Singalong Caillou Toy Commercial
  24. New Caillou's Treefort Toy Commercial
  25. Stay Tuned Screen
  26. 2001 Warner Home Video Logo (Low Tone)
  27. PBS Kids Video Logo
  28. PBS Kids & You Opening (2001)
  29. PBS Kids Chris Eats Apple (Short Version)
  30. PBS Kids Flea Circus Bumper
  31. PBS Kids Drink Water (Caillou Version)
  32. Caillou Opening
  33. Start of the Episode Caillou In The Bathtub
  34. PBS Kids Chris Tells Us Story Green Eggs & Ham (Caillou Version)
  35. Start of the Episode Caillou Get Dressed
  36. PBS Kids Chris Letters (Visit For Letters Song)
  37. Start of the ABC Song
  38. PBS Kids Chris Draws Face (Short Version)
  39. PBSKids.Org/Caillou (2003)
  40. PBS Kids It's Time To Play PBS Kids (2002)
  41. PBS Kids Chris Letters (Caillou Version)
  42. Caillou Opening
  43. Start of the Episode Caillou Learns To Swim
  44. PBS Kids Chris Loves To Sing (Caillou Version)
  45. Start of the Episode Caillou At The Beach
  46. PBS Kids Chris Learns Numbers (Short Version)
  47. PBS Kids Clifford Promo
  48. PBS Kids & You Opening (2001)
  49. PBS Kids Chris Write Your Name (Caillou Version)
  50. Caillou Opening
  51. Start of the Episode One Two Boom
  52. PBS Kids Chris Eats Pancakes (Caillou Version)
  53. Start of the Episode Caillou's Bad Dream
  54. PBS Kids Chris Says Goodbye
  55. PBS Kids & You Closing
  56. Caillou Closing
  57. Hit Entertainment Logo
  58. Cinar Logo
  59. PBS Kids Productions Logo
  60. PBS Kids Logo
  61. PBS Logo
  62. 2001 Warner Home Video (Low Tone)
  63. Mario Kart Double Dash Preview

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