Character Outline

Caine Draiven

Age: Doesn't care to say to the likes of any one.

Sex: Male

History: His histoy one full of drinks and parties. After getting born, his mother was dead. His Father, a mere workman, called Caine a curse and left him to fend for himself as a child. He was found by a few rakdos members, and instead of killing him, adopted him. He grew up, learning how to party and kill things off fast. A few years later, he learned he had the ability to use mana, and summon creatures. When that happened Rakdos ordered Caine to go and do a few jobs for him, to see what he could do. Caine agreed, and as such killed off a few people who were pestering Rakdos. Then a few months after that, a Planeswalker found him and took him to the Acdemy of Magic to become better, or at the very least, to find more Rakdos servants. He has yet to do the latter.


Caine is an Alt.

He likes he smell of burning flesh.

He likes to be the one to burn the flesh.

He has yet to have a one turn kill, but still wins without one.

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