}}Cairo 7 is a space station orbiting Earth. The station's purpose is to foster cultural understanding. Members of many races come there in order to understand the backgrounds of many other different races. Its purpose is also to give humans a chance to see Earth from above and to have a place to live. (Space Trek)

Current crew

  • Captain Vincent Bouche - Commanding officer; human. He is best friends with the captain of the USS Defiant, Charlie Randall. Danny Bouche is his son.
  • Colonel Hargon Gristasg - First officer and liaison officer, of human/Romulan ancestry.
  • Leutenant Commander Troden - Strategic Operations officer and statistics officer. An Orion, she was on the station when the Orion representative came on board.
  • Constable Grogern - Security chief. An Andorian, he has a changeling partner named Laas. He has worked with Laas since he first joined the military.
  • Frondor. A Gorn security chief.
  • Chief Martin Gron - Chief of Operations. He has two friends on the station: His assistant, a Cardassian named Flin, and another named John Frendrick.
  • Lieutenant Veronica Frolin - Chief Medical Officer. Once a slave girl among the Orions, she is now free but still keeps her slave girl dress in secret. She enjoys her job.
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Gralgin - Counselor. A Bolian male.
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Torin - Maintenance officer. One of the first Tholians in Starfleet.
  • Lieutenant Commander Lorpak - Science officer. A Trill female, she is engaged to Andorian security chief Grogern.

Noted residents

  • Katherine Nguyen. Wife of Vincent Bouche. She traveled to the station in 2357, as a child.

Struggle settlers

  • Benaren. An Ocampa. He came to Cairo 7 to settle a struggle between the Ocampa and the Kazon.
  • Oxilon. A Talaxian who traveled to Cairo 7 to settle Talaxian and Haakonian struggles.
  • Sornak. Vulcan philosopher. He traveled to the station to maintain peace between the Romulans and Vulcans.

Restaurant owners

  • Gron. the owner of a klingon restraunt.
  • Karntern. A Ferengi; friend to Patrick and Ryan. Owns a Ferengi restaurant.
  • Patrick Trouve. The trouve brothers who both own a bar on the station.
  • Ryan Trouve.


  • Alora. A young Cardassian girl who lives in the refugee sector on the station. Her family moved there after the Dominion War. Later, she made friends with Danny Bouche.
  • Danny Bouche. Son of Vincent Bouche. He has lived on the station for years. He is friends with Alora, a young Cardassian female.
  • Amelia Gron. A human tailor. She is friends with Frondor, a Gorn who serves as a security chief on the station.


Medical facilities


Cairo 7 has 10 medical labs on levels 20 and 25.


Cairo 7 has 20 sickbays on levels 14, 17, 20, and 23.

Counselor's office

The office of the station's counselor is located on level 7.

Scientific departments

Stellar Cartography Department

This facility is located on level 20. It is where people go to look at maps and make maps of different systems and galaxies.

Cybernetics Lab

The Cybernetics Lab is where people go to study cybernetics. They also create the station's androids.


Many plants are located in the arboretum. There is also a small zoo and a fresh-air restaurant.

Cetacean Lab

The Cetacean Lab is located on level 30, where people store aquatic lifeforms from all over the galaxy.

Transporters and cargo bays

Cargo bay

There are 30 cargo bays located on levels 4-10.

Transporter room

This is where people transport the survivors of severely damaged ships.

Recreational facilities


The station has 10 casinos located on levels 12 and 14.


There are 3 bars located on levels 15-16. Those bars are Trouves, Ten Forward and Club Garret.


The station has 20 holodecks located on levels 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Phaser range

This is where people fire phasers to test their skills, located on level 33.

Aerobic studios

An area where people can practice acrobatics, located on level 33.

Martial arts areas

These are where people practice martial arts. It is located on level 34.

Parrises Squares area

This is where kids and adults go to play and watch Parrises Squares. It is located on level 35.

Racquetball court

This is where people go to play racquetball. It is located on level 42.

Anbo-jyutsu court

Located on level 30. This is where people go to use anbo-jyutsu.

Fencing room

Located on level 22. This is where people go to fence.


Located on level 40. The theater has two parts, an acting theater and movie theater. The concert hall is also for acting.


Located on level 32. The salon is where people go to get a haircut or spa treatment.


This location like other shops sell items at a fair price.

Educational facilities

In the facility there is a primary school on level 37, 20 classrooms on levels 9, 10 and 11, and workshops on levels 12, 13 and 14.

Book stores

There are ten book stores located on levels 34 and 35.


Located on level 47. The museum contains different items from Earth and other worlds.

Centers of control


The engineering room takes up all of one room on level one. The central core is located behind a glass area. It is the main power supply. The main water supply is in another room on level one. The air scrubbers are located in a third room on level one.

Central control

The central control center is located on level 48. It is the main center of operations on Cairo 7.


Crew quarters

These quarters are located on levels 4 and 5.

Diplomatic quarters

Those quarters are located on levels 2 and 3.

Guest and civilian quarters

Quarters located on levels 6 through 47.

Refugee sector

This sector is full of Romulans, Klingons, humans, Cardassians, Bajorans, Ferengi and Vulcans. They traveled to Cairo 7 either because they are on the run and need a place to live or poor and in need of food and shelter. This is located on level 7.

Cultural centers

Trade center

The station has a trade center located on level 20. Every year there is a Fauna Expo where races bring animals from their own worlds. The trade center hosts certain social events and allows people to trade different items.

Cultural Exchange Center

The Cultural Exchange Center is where people of different races go to learn about each other.

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